Celebs Go Dating expert Nadia has dated over 100 millionaires

Love guru Lady Nadia Essex is one of two relationship advisers making a come-back this series alongside Eden Blackman, howver her life has not always been glam.

When Nadia Essex first saw her mum paying for her school lunch with pennies from her state benefits, she decided that was not the life for her.

From that moment on the star now living in Chelsea decided her mission would be to become very wealthy… by
marrying a RICH man.

Ambitious Nadia has now dated more than 100 millionaires and she has vowed not to stop until she bags a loaded husband.

Nadia scours posh bars, shops, restaurants and even millionaire dating websites to find dates.

The businesswoman from Chelsea, West London, insists she is not a golddigger saying “I hate the expression gold digger. At the end of the day, men who have money are successful and that is an enormous aphrodisiac.

“Any woman who says her ideal man is not tall, dark, handsome and loaded is lying. “But I never ask a man to buy me things, it just happens.

“Once I happened to mention I wanted to redecorate my living room and had seen a sofa in John Lewis. About three or four weeks later it was delivered to my door.

“I don’t feel guilty for accepting gifts, even if the relationship doesn’t last. “To give a gift and expect something back in return insinuates that the guy must have an ulterior motive.

“I don’t like that. If a guy bought me stuff and wanted sex, I would say no as that would be trading money for sex.

“A £3,000 sofa for most of these men is like £30 for us. A pair of £400 Louboutins is like a bottle of perfume. It’s a nice gesture.”

Nadia, 34 from London used to work in marketing but is now starting her own business helping other women bag rich men, has amassed a massive £10,000 collection of designer shoes from her dates.

Her dates have also bought her designer handbags and clothes, jewellery, an iPad and holidays. She says: “There are 600,000 millionaires in the UK and, one by one, I am dating them.

“Back in 2014 she flew to New York, the Caribbean twice, Rome and Paris — all paid for by my dates. “Once I was with a group of girlfriends at Ascot and a group of rich lads saw how much fun we were having and took us on a private jet to Monaco for a night.

Nadia offers some tips: “To find millionaires you have to go to the right places. You’ll never find a millionaire in Wetherspoons. I hang out in cool bars or shops such as Selfridges.

“Once I was about to pay at the till for my shoes when a guy chatting me up took me off for cocktails at The Hilton. “If you want to meet the right type of people you have to go to the right places and spend a bit of money. Nine times out of ten when I go out for dinner with a pal we will get approached by someone wanting to send over some drinks.

“I must give off that single vibe. I don’t wear a ring for a start. It is all about eye contact, too. She goes onto say: “I think I’m going to meet my future husband in a bar or restaurant. I want to do it the traditional way. “If I was only interested in money I would be married off with kids by now.

“But I don’t just want a millionaire. I want the fairytale. I want the whole package.”

Nadia says: “I watched Mum scrape together pennies for our school lunches. She had only ever been a housewife and had to relearn skills to get a job. “I vowed then that I would never be in that position so I have always worked.

“I thought to myself then, ‘Yes I will’. That’s when I moved to London from Epsom in Surrey and started dating rich men. “Now, even though I am independent, I want a millionaire husband to take care of me and any future family we have.”

Nadia says there are a few rules when dating millionaires.

She says: “As well as going to the right places you have to look after yourself.

“You have to dress well. If you want to attract a husband rather than a wham-bam, thank you guy, you have to cover up.

“I have big boobs so I have to be conscious not to flash too much cleavage.

“It’s important to have a few classic items of clothing, to wear good tailoring and to always dress appropriately.

“I exercise, too. Rich guys do not want to be with fat girls. If you are rich enough to enjoy all the finest luxuries why would you want to date a slob?

“Other tips are to always look for whether the guy has a black American Express card. “You need to spend £250,000 a year on one, so it’s a positive sign. “If someone brags about money they probably don’t have it.

“And if I ever got asked to pay half on a first date I would firstly refuse, and I would not see them for a second time.

“It’s all about romance. I also think that you should get to know someone before getting in to bed with them.”

She says: “I only sleep with a man if I really fancy him and want to.

“One guy I had been dating for about a month bought me some Louboutins and then asked me if I could try them on when we got home and stamp on his private parts. I was shocked. I kindly declined and the relationship soon fizzled out.

“One successful businessman confided in me he loved wearing adult nappies. I didn’t feel the need to see that, either.

“I would try most things sexually but I wouldn’t want to fuel someone else’s issues.”

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