Claire Richards Interview

Former Steps member Claire Richards stars in the new ITV1 series of ‘Get Your Act Together’, read no to see what she has to say about her act ‘fire eating’… it sounds very scary indeed..

Claire Richards
Claire Richards

You are very brave taking on this challenge…

I didn’t think I was brave until I started doing it. And then I thought ‘Oh’!

Have you ever worked with fire before?

Yes and that is why I thought it would be ok initially. We did a bit on tour when Steps got back together, so when I started doing this I thought I knew what I was doing. But oh my goodness, these girls are incredible. The stuff they got me doing is beyond anything I have ever done before.

What kind of things do you do?

I eat fire. That was the toughest and the most impressive. I have really struggled with it. One minute I can do it, the next I lose my bottle. It is going to be touch or go as to whether I manage it on the show. We’ve also got this trick where we have sticks with a wick on too. I light my fingers and light the wick with my finger! It’s really impressive.

Have you been scared?

Absolutely terrified! On one occasion, I got the fuel and I don’t know if I didn’t blow it enough or far enough. I don’t think I breathed it in but I am sure I burnt something in my throat as for a few days afterwards, when I tried to sing, there was no voice! I feared I had done something serious but thankfully, it was fine after a few days. I thought I could lose my voice and then that would be it.

Claire Richards hits the shops in a pair of skinny jeans - MARKMEETS

Claire Richards hits the shops in a pair of skinny jeans – MARKMEETS

Did you have any other near misses?

I did with the fire flames. If you don’t hold them at the right angle, the flame can start coming towards you. A couple of times, I burnt the side of my hands and I burnt my lip. And I stabbed myself. I put the flame out but the metal bit hit my mouth and burnt my mouth. I was like ‘OMG!’ I will have big lumps of skin peeling off me.

Has this given you confidence that you can do anything?

I loved it actually. There is something about standing there with an amazing group of girls. It makes you feel quite powerful. It is quite a strange thing. I have always not been very good at performing in rehearsals and I have always got into trouble for it. Everyone has been a bit worried about how I will be in the performance but I do know you get such a lift when you perform. The costumes are really amazing.

How would it feel to get to the final?

I have never won anything and so it would be nice to get to the final. It is great to challenge yourself and learn new things – even this!

What do your family think of you fire eating?!

They have all thought it is impressive. My husband can’t believe I am doing it!


What have your mentors been like?

We have all got on really well. They are all quite edgy and so I was a bit worried as I am obviously not at all. They do this for a living and there is a specific kind of look, which I love. They are all very cool. They can’t do enough for me. When there have been moments where I have messed it up, they keep assuring me it took them years to learn it all. They have said all the right things and they have never made me feel like a pain once. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to do something like this with.

Would you like to take on another new challenge after this show?

I never know I want to do something until I am offered the opportunity. I don’t think I ever expected to do this but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know whether it makes you want to do other stuff though!

Tune in from Sunday at 7pm to find out how Claire and all the acts get on as they Get their Act Together.

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