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Daryl Hannah has said that her new role in Netflix sci-fi drama Sense8 was the toughest thing she has ever taken on physically.

The series follows a group of people who all suddenly find themselves mentally linked and are forced to do battle with people who see them as a threat to the world’s order, which meant filming involved plenty of action scenes.

Daryl Hannah “I’ve done a lot of action and movies and been knocked through walls"
Daryl Hannah “I’ve done a lot of action and movies and been knocked through walls”

Daryl said of the fast-paced series: “It was really challenging. I so badly wanted to do a good job but it was really a difficult challenge because usually you get to explore a character before you get up to full speed with no one else in the room.”

Talking about one action scene which took place in a burned out church, she said: “I’ve done a lot of action and movies and been knocked through walls, broken bones, hurt my back and all kinds of things, but just doing that scene I was in more pain and was more exhausted than I’ve been being beaten up by samurais.”

Sense8 was created by Andy and Lana Wachowski and Daryl explained how she had come to land her role in it.

She said: “I didn’t have any representation at the time and got a call from the casting director asking if I had a contact for a musician they were interested in playing a different part.

“Then she said, ‘The Wachowskis are very interested in maybe playing this more androgynously, would you come in and meet on it?’

“So I went in in a short wig. They asked me to take it off during the meeting and I was so embarrassed because my hair was all flat, and they offered me a different role.”

Sense8 is available to view from tonight (June 5) on Netflix.

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