Downton Abbey Press Launch London

Downton Abbey bids “Au Revoir” at Press Launch inside MayFair Hotel, London.

ITV’s Alastair Stewart makes a special appearance hosting a Q&A session at the MayFair Hotel, London. His guests are Award Winners and Globally recognised pioneers of Television Drama — “Downton Abbey”.

Downton Abbey August 2015 London Press Conference London

MarkMeets attended the Downton Abbey press launch in London and spoke to the cast at length in an Q&A session

The series is created by Julian Fellowes, and, co-produced by Carnival Films and Masterpiece. A period drama reaching its sixth series to date. “Downton Abbey” follows the aristocratic Crawley family and their staff within the early 20th Century.

We understand the lifestyles between the Upstairs and Downstairs hierarchy. The cast shows an array of British & American Screen actors, such as, the Legendary Dame Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Jim Carter, Sophie McShera, and many others.

I’d never thought in a million years I’d have the honor of being invited to the Downton Abbey Press Launch. How exciting to meet the cast from your favourite TV Series! But rumor has it that Downton Abbey are not back for good! How can this be? We sat in on their conference at the MayFair Hotel to investigate!

Alastair Stewart’s Q&A guests are: from the production team, Creator, Julian Fellowes, and, both Executive Producer’s, Gareth Neame and Liz Trubridge; and, Cast members include: Dame Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville and Joanna Froggatt.

Fellowes, firstly confirms — “We three all decided that the sixth series would be the last!’ I am speechless! But, why?
“There are some of the characters who could have gone on, but it isn’t really that. It’s not the lack of material. It’s more of a general feeling. That, if it we stopped now the viewers would not be conciois of not having had enough of it. But, if we go on too long they will start to feel we’ve had enough of this. Bring on some one else! — And that’s what we wanted to avoid really” — Fellowes.

How hard was it to take on board that this is it with Downton Abbey?
Dame Maggie Smith, starts by answering, “Well I’m just surprised that I got to the end! (Touches Wood) There’s nothing made out of Wood in this hotel”. (Crowd laughs) Joanne Froggatt goes on to add, “None of us imagined that 6 years later we’d be talking about this huge success. We’re so grateful f or that”.

How did it feel acting your last bits. Did you get emotional at all?
Joanne Fraggott, “Yes it was. I got away quietly and shed my own tears. I think it developed into every one in tears by the end of the day. It was a wonderful day actually”.

A question to Dame Maggie Smith. Do you share anything with ‘Violet’?
“Oh Yes. I’m like that all the time. Everything I say is brilliant like Julian” (Crowd laughs).

How did it feel when Downton Abbey won a BAFTA?
Executive Producer, Liz Trubridge says, “It feels very special to be achknowledged by your own country”.

With the popularity of the series, Do you feel pressure when writing newer material?
“When its a flop, its no pressure at all. Most of us would have pressure in a hit. Every now and again when it’s near the end of the year when I sort of scribble away and say: ‘We must have a new character, new locations’. You do get slightly hysterical, but that’s the way of it”, says series creator Julian Fellowes.
Executive Producer, Gareth Neames, mentions that Julian said “When some one asked him whether he got writers block? He answered ‘I haven’t got time for that!’

How did having an American wife benefit the series?
“The American wife, who were a great pheonomenal of the 1880s and 1890s, were these nice dollar princesses that arrived to save a way of life. The advantage for me was it gave me a central character who was not of the Upper English Class upbringing so you could have one of the principle characters who didn’t have to take all that stuff for granted, but question it, which Cora did, and as the world changed in fact it changed towards her and she was ahead of her time in English terms.

These American girls in the 1870s/ 1880s were brought up in a way that wouldn’t happen in this country until the 1920s, so that was her advantage for me”, says Fellowes.

How did the series Influence things, like British Tourism, on the outside?
“I think what has happened, It has become a flagship in British content. It has had a signigicant impact on british tourism. We are proud in rekindling interest in British Heritage and stately homes”, says Neames.

What will you miss from Downton Abbey?
Hugh Bonneville, who plays Robert, Earl of Grantham, says, “The ensemble!” He goes on to say “I don’t just mean the actors, but the crew as well. They worked far harder than any of us actors, but we are the ones talking to you on behalf of them. They are a remarkable bunch of people. Hopefully we’ll bump into it again”.

What will you all be doing next after Downton Abbey?
Dame Maggie Smith, begins, “I’ll be lying down”. (Crowd Laughs). Joanne Froggatt follows by announcing she starts a “New job, Monday” (Dame Smith jokingly replies  with “Mad Girl”). Froggatt continues by mentioning it’s a “Two part drama, part of ITV, called ‘Dark Angel’. About a female serial killer!” (Dame Smith surprised, “My goodness”). The crowd are laughing throughout the moments within the conversation. Hugh Bonneville informs us, “I’m rapidly trying to grow a beard for a musical.

Next day shave it all of, to play Lord Mountbatten in a film about the partitian of india”.

I heard gossip about there being a Movie wanting to be made? Any updates, Executive Producer, Gareth Neame, says, “The represpective of the whole saga remains to be seen. It has to be like the TV show. But it would set challenges and it’ll be a whole new thing to enjoy”.

Even, Julian Fellowes creator of the series said “I think you always leave slightly open ended stories”.

How exiciting! Intrigued? Keep your fingers crossed with the future of Downton Abbey!

In the meantime, a few more scenes are being film before Sunday’s wrap party! Series 6 of Downton Abbey airs this Autumn on ITV 1 — Stay Tuned!

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Article by Ali Armian — Staff Writer

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