Exclusive Interview with Beau Brooks from THE JANOSKIANS

In 2011 JANOSKIANS mayhem started brewing when the group uploaded their first ‘Awkward Train Situations’ video to YouTube. As the fan base grew, they continually released hilarious and disruptive content, gaining over 1.79 million YouTube subscribers and counting as well as accruing more than 137 million combined views.

Beau Brooks

Read on as we interview the YouTube group member BEAU!!

Earlier this week we had a good old chat with BEAU BROOKS from The Janoskians and we spoke to him about Janofest, Dating plus weird things he likes read more to find out what he had to say…

Hey Beau!!! Thanks for taking time to talk with us here at MARKMEETS, how are you?

I’m great thanks, a little bit tired as its morning over here but can’t complain how are you?)

Aww, I’m sure you can catch up on your sleep after telling us some gossip about you boys and Janofest, Firstly who’s idea was it to organise Janofest which will be at Wembley in England on the 21st March?

(Well we all wanted to kinda of do a big arena because we all just really love performing and we love perform in front of as many fans as we can and we love our fans in England so we decided to do a arena event in Wembley and make it really big, it was mostly James who came up with the idea of the name though, but we are all so so excited to come back over to the Uk, London and see all our beautiful fans and supporters.)

So Jack and Jack are supporting you boys at Janofest, Will you be performing new music there?

Those guys make music and are amazing rappers so we are excited to have them supporting us, and well we are hoping to release new music in the next month which we are really excited about because its really punk, fun and upbeat and there is going to be a lot more music being performed than our other shows, so its more interesting for everyone coming to the shows and to show them our new music.)

How long is your stay in the UK? Will you be recording any videos in the UK?

Well ideally i’d wanna be there for at least a week because I just honestly love the UK, but sadly we are only going to be there for 2 days, but hopefully we will end up staying for like a week and we have never actually filmed any videos in the UK, because we never know how the public will react to out pranks, but yeah we might do, will be good to film some UK videos.

How did you start up your clothing line ‘ Dirty Pig ‘ because i work closely with a friend who has just opened his clothing line ‘ Born King Retail ‘ and we would like to know how you started and got it to become so big?

Oh okay well you’ve just started well you have to put a lot of time and effort behind it. We have a team working behind us, they make it first priority, make sure it fits in with ALL social media, make sure you get as many people as you can to wear it with a good following (at this point i asked weather he would be interested wearing any of the clothing and soon you shall be seeing Beau and the lads wearing bornkingretail.com clothing get yours now) friends, family, people going to school, collage/work are good because other friends will see it may like it and take it on board and wear it as well.


Will there be any surprises at the Janofest?

Well I can’t tell you anything now, as much as i would love too but I can’t, but maybe nearer the time,. The main surprise is just our new music and see the fans reaction because its very very different so we are excited and nervous to see what people make of it, but knowing people are just going to be there for us is just an incredible feeling so when we are there and see so many peoples beautiful faces that will be out biggest surprise and gift.

Funny Fan Questions –

Snog Marry Avoid?

Snog – Demi Lovato (I’d snog the **** out of her, she’s gorgeous)

Marry – Angelina Jolie

Avoid – Amanada Bynes

Would you rather nipples as fingers or fingers as nipples?

Offcourse our fans would ask that, well me personally id have nipples as fingers because i could lick them….. (At this point I was a bit weirded out because he would like to lick 10 nipple fingers he just laughed

Who most likely to take a fan on a date?

I’m going to take some brownie points here and say me, but I’m taken so i’ll just have say Jai or James, I think James is the one looking for a girlfriend atm so yeah (This is where i had the perfect chance to say James could take me on a birthday date when he is over in the UK when Beau replied back saying he was jealous but will sort it out for me #GetIn

When will you next back in UK after Janofest?

Well I think we are actually coming over 2 weeks prior to Janofest for do like a meet up with the fans and stuff, then if the arena tour goes well then we will be doing another tour either late this or early next year but we will definitely be back over in the UK after Janofest soon because we love it so much, I’m going to have to shoot now but was lovely chatting with you and us boys look forward to seeing everyone at Janofest and meeting you Charley Jean.

Interview by Charley-Jean exclusively for www.markmeets.com

Love you xx Charley


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