George Ezra Discusses Creativity Behind Songwriting – Musician Interview

Singer-songwriter George Ezra has has been writing new material and in a new interview revealed that isolating himself for a month in a remote location worked wonders for his creativity.

Talking how he removed himself from distractions including gadgets and friends in order to tap into his creativity, he explained that it was a very worthwhile time revealing: “I spent January in a cottage in Cornwall, writing.”

“My first plan had been to travel alone on industrial shipping between London and New York but I was talked out of it – ‘The Atlantic, in January’ – so I went to Cornwall instead.

The ‘Budapest’ singer went on to say he spent a month in Barcelona. I did Airbnb and deliberately stayed with the owner, who I didn’t know. It was a risk, but she showed me the city.”

“Then I did 10 days in a cabin in Norfolk without any electricity. Everyone went, ‘No, think about what runs on electricity’, but I booked it. The shower was outside. You had to wake up at 6am to get the fire going but there was something amazing about showering in a field.”

He added: “I think something happens to your mind when you’re away for a prolonged amount of time by yourself. You start to see things a little differently. Everything is more intense.”

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