James Plimmer interview

James Plimmer chats to us in a new interview, the 23 year-old toured with X Factor winner Ben Haenow last April and tells all about his music sound, favourite venuesm and exciting album news!

James loves to collaborate with other talented artists, singers and songwriters and enjoys composing specialist genres.

James Plimmer interview

How are you finding the Ben Haenow tour?
The tour with Ben has been amazing, I was just talking to him before and we both said that we will be sad when it’s over so far it’s been incredible had some amazing shows people jumping up and down and having fun I will be quite down when I’m back home and return to normality I don’t want it to end.

What has the reaction been towards you so far?
I’ll be honest it’s been absolutely amazing Instagram wise gaining thousands of new followers it’s going down really well there has been two shows in particular one was Croydon and the other Ipswich I literally had a thousand people jumping up and down it’s been amazing.

Favourite venue?
Glasgow still my favourite venue to date they went absolutely mad and also the meet and greets afterwards have been great this tour has been better than what I hoped for.

Is this your first big tour?
Yes this is my first major tour as a solo artist, a couple of years ago I did some stuff In rock bands but this is the first as James Plimmer, the first of many hopefully.

Any more tours after this one?
After I get back from this tour I want to have a couple of weeks off return to normal and then get back on it I hope to spend all summer touring. Just waiting to see what happens but it’s all positive.

Is your debut single Baby Baby a good indication of your music sound?
I mean it’s really weird my sound I like lot of music as a musician it’s a very varied musical taste there’s a lot of main stream pop then I have acoustic tracks like Miles apart then I have a song the other end of the spectrum called Hey Girl so Baby baby goes back to my pop punk roots listening to Sum 41, Blink 182 and Metallica that kind of stuff, I’d like to carry on with that style and then do a softer song so I can’t really put a genre on it some of its poppy some are acoustic it’s just a sound that comes out, I produce all my own material so in terms of a producer we all have our own sound.

Are you currently working on a album or EP?
I am yes I plan to release it in July so it’s going to have 8 or 9 tracks and again it will be varied the songs that I am performing on this tour should be on it and 4 that I have written which are really strong which aren’t quite ready so I don’t want to release them and put them out for the public yet because I think there could be a really big single so that’s under the belt at the moment but the album July time.

Who inspires you as an artist?
Wow let’s start with my parents I was brought up listening to ACDC, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy so with what I was brought up on this is really weird to how I got my sound!
I’m into guitar music like Jimmi Hendrix so in terms of inspiration that’s my roots I’d never put the guitar down and go One Direction style for every song I have always played guitar and I want to play guitar, at the moment bands like Busted and Mcfly because if you have Influences from metal rock and pop you can do a mash up of anything so to be honest everyone who plays guitar I’m in that vibe so even if it’s pop I can still play guitar.
I take inspiration from newer bands and even though my sound is nothing like theirs I love the 1975’s in terms of inspiration from what I have been reading about them they went through some hard times trying to get signed and get managed and now they have blown up massive so when ever I am feeling a little bit low and need to push it some more I go and listen to them and think we’ll they started off with nothing no label no nothing and look at them now you have to keep going.

If your music was the sound track to any film what would yours be? Three movie franchises Marvel, DC or Disney pixels?
The film I would love my music to be on the sound track…well one of my favourite films is Castaway so I would love to get one of my real acoustic songs on their soundtrack.
But my music I think is most suited to Disney Pixar, I would love to be featured on Marvels Spider-Man and anything rockier. I would be happy with anyone of them it’s a tricky one but I’d be happy with any of them.

Interview by ‘Music Promotions’.

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