Katy Perry Interview on her upcoming Super Bowl performance

Katy Perry has revealed that she will be joined on stage by American rock singer-songwriter, Lenny Kravitz.

Katy Perry Interview on her upcoming Super Bowl performance

The ‘Firework’ singer Katy Perry has been discussing further details about her upcoming turn as the Super Bowl halftime performer.

The ‘Roar’ star spoke to Breathe Heavy about topics including what songs she will play, the stage design and the outfits she will be wearing.

Katy explained: “I think you can bet that I’ll be playing ‘Roar’ and I’ll be playing ‘Firework’… I’ll actually play something from my first record, ‘One Of The Boys’.”

On her stage setup Perry said: “I think we’re going to be using more of the field than anyone has. And I am doing-never-before-done things as far as entrances and exits”.

Known for her colourful outfits, the ‘Dark Horse’ star is planning on showing off more than one ensemble during her show:

“The costumes are all designed by my good friend, Jeremy Scott… I change about nine, ten times in my show, on tour, I would feel very bored if I didn’t change the costume at least once. But we’re still in the process of teching things out.”

Finally, revealing why the NFL selected her to be part of the Super Bowl XLIX, Katy stated:

“My show is 8 to 80. And I think the NFL liked that… I think they want to have fun and that know I’m fun and I don’t take myself too seriously. There’s gonna be something for everyone.”

Katy Perry will play the Super Bowl on February 1.


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