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Girls Aloud weren’t ”rock ‘n’ roll” enough for drugs. The best-selling girl band – who called it quits last year after their ‘Ten: The Hits Tour 2013’ – were never interested in taking illegal substances and former member Kimberley Walsh is grateful their careers weren’t marred by the party lifestyle.

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”We’re not that kind of group. We weren’t really very rock ‘n’ roll – which people don’t want to hear because it’s a little bit dull! We’re not partiers, we don’t go to clubs that play the kind of music that goes with drugs and we’re kind of chilled out.

”It never really was an issue for us, which is lucky because that can often be the one thing that does completely break down the group. That was a blessing, definitely, that we were not those kind of girls.”

Kimberley – who is expecting her first child with her partner of over 10 years, Justin Scott – believes being surrounded by family and friends who knew her before she shot to fame in 2002 helped her stay grounded during the band’s heyday.

”People have always got quite wrapped up in that lifestyle, it’s an easy thing to happen. It just depends on who you are as a person and what your surroundings are like. I have a lot of family and friends that have always been there, ever since I was thrown into a weird environment.

”I’ve always had that security around me so that’s probably why it’s a little bit different for me. It depends on your type, some people find it tough.”

With her new arrival due in September, Kimberley is already thinking about future careers for her child and the potential pitfalls of a showbiz lifestyle.

She mused: ”I wouldn’t particularly encourage it because it’s a really tough business to be in. But at the same time, I’d never deny them their passion because nobody denied me mine.

”I think you know straight away what kind of child they are and will push them in the direction that’s going to be best for them.”

Kimberley’s new duet with Alistair Griffin, ‘The Road’, is out now via Elbow Grease Records. The video for the single can be seen on and Alistair releases his new album ‘From Nowhere’ on July 7.

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