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Hitmaker Lily Allen has confessed that she likes to ‘Google’ herself just to keep abreast of the articles being published online about herself.

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Speaking on Radio 1, the ‘Air Balloon’ songstress admitted that she does search her own name online now again because she wants to know the kinds of things being written about her:

“I’m not going to lie – I Google myself daily. I know exactly what’s out there.”

“Most of it’s rubbish and it’s really hard for me not to respond, because I feel cleverer than the people who write crap about me.”

When asked by James if she minds being ‘tabloid fodder’, Allen added that she doesn’t really think anything of it although she’s tired of the way those kinds of newspapers objectify women:

“I don’t know – if I wasn’t then I would worry. As a woman I think it’s difficult because tabloids are really derogatory towards women, just quite nasty. I just want to speed forwards 20 years until we’re over the objectification.”

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