Little Mix New Interview

See some exclusive images from Little Mix’s brand new cover shoot with cool music magazine ‘The Beat.

Little Mix shot the cover in South East London last month for the mag which is out this week, see the new interview below!!

Little Mix Interview
Little Mix Interview

The four piece group whose hit ‘Black Magic’ has been smashing radio play charts sat down for a chat talking about The Spice girls, working in recording studios and X Factor.

When asked: If you could sign one other girl band member on loan, past or present, who would you pick? The girls replied:

Leigh-Anne: Oh my god, Beyoncé right?

Perrie: Geri!

Leigh-Anne: Mine would be Mel B. We absolutely love Sporty Spice and Baby Spice, we’ve met them loads of times and they’re so lovely. I still call them by those nicknames actually. Imagine us doing a collab with the Spice Girls!

Jesy: I don’t know, she’d steal the limelight. I’m not sure about that. Maybe one of the Spice Girls.


Perrie: I wouldn’t be able to get on the vocals! I’d be dead on the floor! Mel C was in our Word Up video and that was enough drama for me for one day. I can’t breath when I’m around them, it’s weird. They’re incredible.

Leigh-Anne: Didn’t you meet Victoria Beckham?

Perrie: I didn’t speak to them but I saw them at the closing ceremony at the Olympics and they were just walking down the corridor and it felt like I was watching the movie because they were all holding hands. Geri’s so crazy in real life. She told me she loved Little Mix and what we were about and I had a tear in my eye.

Little Mix New Interview
Little Mix New Interview

Asked how much it annoys them that people assume they’re just presented with all their songs the morning they’re due to record them.

“It really pisses us off. We work for hours and hours in the studio. It’s so frustrating. I think a lot of it comes from us being a girl band and from The X Factor.”

For them, the fact their names appear on the credits of Britney Spears’ recent Pretty Girls single (“Britney’s been our idol since we were little and so for her to have one of our songs is just crazy,” squeals Leigh-Anne) is proof enough that they’re involved in the music they put their names to.

“I think the fact the Britney song’s come out and we’ve written on it might shut a lot of people up,” adds Jesy emphatically.

The new issue of The Beat magazine is available at selected London stockists and online at

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