Little Mix talk social media, relationships, music and more in a new interview

Little Mix smashed their performance of ‘Love me Like you’ and ‘Black magic’ on X Factor UK last Sunday and now they are about to unleash their brand new album!!

‘We are genuine and we want people to see the ins and out of our lives. But at the same time you’re a human and you want some privacy. ‘We’re willing to give a lot but there are some things we want to hold back.’

Little Mix 2015

They’ve sold over 12 million records and will tour next year so are they setting out to achieve world domination?

On their bond as a group Jesy Nelson said: ‘We just clicked instantly,’ The 24 year-old added: ‘We’re really lucky – it could have been a disaster and we could have ended up hating each other. I think that’s why a lot of girl bands don’t work – you get that clash of personalities.’

Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 24, chips in: ‘No one wants to be the main star; no one wants to outdo the others. We don’t have that one person who is the b***h or egotistical. We all just get on.’

Certainly, if cracks were going to show in Little Mix, now would be the time. It has been four years since Jesy and Leigh-Anne, plus Perrie and Jade, were thrown together as a band on The X Factor after entering the show as solo singers.

They went on to win and immediately jumped aboard the recording/promo/touring treadmill that is the life of a modern pop band.

They’ve made three albums (Salute, DNA and the imminent Get Weird), cracked America (no mean feat), travelled the world (the Japanese and the Australians also love them), accrued seven million Twitter followers who track their every move and racked up eight million album and singles sales combined.

All of which means countless 20-hour working days while living in each other’s pockets. Don’t they get sick of the sight of one another?

‘Nooooo!’ they trill in unison, eyes wide with horror at the very thought of such a thing.

‘We love each other’s company,’ says Perrie to youmag in her sing-song Geordie accent.

‘It’s lonely being on the road all the time by yourself, so it’ll be, “Who wants to come to my [hotel] room tonight for a sleepover?” It makes you feel at home.’

Little Mix claim that the new album is called Get Weird because ‘we’re weirdos’; however, they seem anything but.

Perrie’s thoughts on people still asking about her relationship with Zayn: ‘Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. People are going to talk and comment, but at the end of the day they don’t know the ins and outs of my life,’ she says politely but firmly.

Little Mix X Factor 2015

Is there anything she wants to set straight?

‘No, not really. Everyone is going to talk, but nobody knows what went on behind closed doors and that’s the way it is.’

Perrie is clearly looking forward rather than back: ‘I’m single and ready to mingle!’ she purrs mischievously, while her bandmates whoop and clap.

‘These two are always trying to set us up,’ smiles Jade, also single, pointing to Leigh-Anne and Jesy, both of whom have steady boyfriends.

‘We’ve got a few in the pipeline!’ grins Jesy. Would Perrie and Jade try Tinder?

‘I would do if I wasn’t famous,’ says Jade.

‘I’ve been on dates when we’ve sat there and the first thing they’ve asked me is “What’s it like being in Little Mix?” I’m, like [sighs], “Game over”. It’s hard to find someone in it for the right reasons.’

Jade, who is initially reserved but warms up into the funniest, sharpest member of the band, admits that a certain hobby of hers may be off-putting for suitors.

‘I’m obsessed with Disney and I have a little shrine in my flat, a bookshelf full of DVDs and little figures,’ she says sheepishly.

‘That’s probably why I’m still looking for a boyfriend! I’d be too embarrassed to bring someone to my place.’

‘Instagram is good for dating,’ says Perrie.

Jesy agrees: ‘You can make friends and then send each other private messages. It’s not how I first met Jake but it’s how we got talking.’

She’s referring to her fiancé, 23-year-old Jake Roche, singer in the band Rixton, and son of Coleen Nolan and her ex-husband Shane Richie (Roche is Richie’s real surname).



He proposed to her in July, while Little Mix were sound-checking on stage in Manchester, with Jake’s friend Ed Sheeran providing a serenade.

Jesy cried, and her bandmates did too: ‘I felt like [I] was getting engaged, it was amazing,’ says Jade.

‘We were like the three little sisters in the corner, going, “Aaaaah!”’ smiles Leigh-Anne.

‘He’s a great boy,’ enthuses Perrie, all smiles.

Jesy’s engagement happened just days before news broke of Perrie’s split with Zayn, but if Perrie has found it difficult, there’s no suggestion of that today.

Jesy and Jake have yet to set a date, but she confirms the other three girls will be bridesmaids. And how does she feel about having Coleen Nolan – the straight-talking, over-sharing Loose Woman – as a mother-in-law?

‘What I love about her is that what you see is what you get; she’s very honest.

‘There’s no fakeness about the family at all – they’re so down to earth. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law.’

And Jesy insists that the fact that she’s currently more successful than her betrothed isn’t a problem: ‘We’re not competitive. That’s one of the reasons I love him so much – he’s so supportive.’

Their third album ‘GET WEIRD’ is out on Friday.

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