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Maisie Smith aka Tiffany Butcher from Eastenders is releasing her debut single later this month and we got the opportunity to chat with her about music, acting and more! You can watch the video for her debut single (further below).

‘Good Thing’ is the debut single from the nation’s favourite child actor Maisie Smith, who we saw grow up on the set of the award winning BBC show Eastenders. No longer a little girl, Maisie proves she is also no longer just an actress but a talented & beautiful pop star in the making.


The video for the upbeat single sees 15 year-old Maisie dancing around what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, looking far more grown-up than fans of EastEnders are used to seeing her.

The track features lyrics about a romantic relationship, including: “I know what we got is worth fighting for/This love we found is what I’m looking for/We got a good thing/We got a good thing going, baby.”

Exclusive interview by @MediaWriterUK

You’ve been trending on Twitter recently, are you surprised with the positive public reaction to your new single ‘Good Thing’ (which is out 25th November 2016)?
“It’s incredible”, I didn’t expect anywhere near this much press about it especially when I heard I was trending on twitter, it is quite an achievement, I am astonished by that”.

When I saw the articles with photos of me when I was a lot younger and new to Eastenders I think it surpised people when they see pics of me now. I’ve grown up quite a bit and that explains why no-one ever notices me anymore as Tiffany.

How did you juggle having an acting career and now music whilst still being at school?
As soon as I get home from School, I either have a meeting or am practising something; whilst in Eastenders, I was filming scenes 4-5 times a week. With my music I usually do a lot of recordings on weekends. I also do a lot of studying at home rather than just relying on school work as I do miss some days to attend auditions or for acting.

Now you act, play guitar, write music and dance, is there anything you’re not good at?
Laughs! Quite a lot of thing though there is nothing I am bad at. I will give it an attempt and I am usually okay at things I try. I am bad at football and sports particularly

Your dream place is LA, now just imagine your music career took off but at the same time you were offered a movie role, which would you follow?
I’ve no idea! I would love both of them and that is my target to get at least one of them. I couldn’t choose between them, it’s that hard.
You have a popular Youtube channel which cover many subjects including Make-up tutorials, what advice would you have given Pat Butcher?
Definitely Less vibrant colours!

What is your fashion style…casual or do you always dress up/try different looks?
I’m always trying different looks. I never chuck clothes away; if I don’t like something I change it or make a whole new outfit. I always try to do different things with different colours though it does sometimes completely blow up in my face…but I always try it.

How much input did you have into your music video as you are very creative?
I had the ideas of what things I liked and told the producers the kind of things I wanted to be doing and wearing in the video. I was very involved with the actual execution of it all! I was really pleased as I did not want to be tangled down to what someone wanted me to do. I was really chuffed that I had that much of a say in everything that I had done.

The video was all about having fun! It’s not too serious and there is no storyline. I’m just dancing around the room and having fun which is what I wanted it to be about in the first place.

Which former Eastenders character (dead or alive) would you love to bring back to the soap, if just for 1 episode?
I loved Bianca (Patsy Palmer) who played my mum. I would love her to come back and for us to do a little sketch. I think that would be so much fun. We get along so well and she is such a lovely woman.

What plans do you have besides music?
I am bringing out a campaign for teenagers to help get everyone back into exercise. Keeping fit is something that I really love to do. I really want to help motivate other people my age to start exercising without feeling like they have to go to the gym.

At the beginning of next year I’ll be bringing out this website ‘Fitness For Teens’; it’ll be videos of me and my personal trainers doing fitness the proper way.

Maisie will soon be releasing a cover of James Arthurs’ “Say You Won’t Let Go”.

EASTENDERS actress Maisie Smith has released a video for her debut single, Good Thing.

“I’ve always wanted to make a cool pop record that people could relate to, dance to and feel good listening to. By teaming up with my producer Darren Martyn to make ‘Good Thing’, I feel like we achieved that. I am so excited to finally let people hear it!” Maisie Smith

Maisie (who lives with her family in Leigh on Sea, Essex) has always had a passion for music. She plays the guitar, composes, dances & choreographs her own routines. And all whilst studying for her GCSEs! She has been releasing cover tracks on her YouTube, such as her amazing cover of Justin Bieber ‘Let Me Love You’.

Maisie Smith started her acting career at the tender age of four, starring alongside Scarlett Johannsson in The Other Boleyn Girl where she played Queen Elizabeth I. She started her long Eastenders role at 6, playing Tiffany Butcher where she won various awards.

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