Melanie C Reveals Her Love Of Little Mix And Dismisses Spice Girls Reunion Gossip

Mel C has revealed that both she and her daughter Scarlet are big fans of Little Mix.

Whilst The Spice Girls star previously said that she wasn’t too keen on Little Mix’s X Factor outfits, which came under fire for being provocative, but she has now admitted that she didn’t mean to anything unkind because she thinks the girls are great:

Melanie C

“I’m upset about that. I didn’t even see the video to comment on it, but I love them and so does Scarlet. Personally, I’ve never worn skimpy outfits because I don’t feel comfortable.

Adding “I’m athletic. I don’t have a voluptuous figure and I’ve never seen myself as sexual. But some people do like to dress that way and that’s absolutely fine.”

Earlier this month, the singer admitted that she was relieved to have pulled out of Spice Girls reunion plans and gave her reasons why: “It was a really hard decision to make. But once it was made I felt very relieved and that proved to me that my instinct was right. There’s always an ebb and flow to how much we stay in touch. We have spells of seeing each other and then not speaking for months. Family life and career takes over.”

Little Mix forced to develop ‘thick skin’ over stage outfits

Little Mix, meanwhile, recently enjoyed the highest first week sales for UK girl group No.1 since Spice Girls’ Spiceworld with their new album ‘Glory Days’, making it the second fastest selling offering of 2016.

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