Rachel Stevens Interview: I don’t diet

Former S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens has ditched dieting because she finds motherhood is more effective in getting her beach body ready.

Here at MarkMeets we love the former S Club 7 singer and think she looks fab! The singer has ditched gruelling low-calorie eating plans in favour of hiring a personal trainer, eating plenty of carbohydrates, and running around after her children – daughters Amelie, five, and Minnie, three – in order to get her body bikini ready for her beach holidays.

Rachel Stevens

She said: ”I love my carbs, especially in winter. Diets don’t work. I just eat healthily little and often. I know it’s boring to say, but running after the kids helps me keep in shape. I’m learning to cook. It’s not my forté, but I try and balance my portion sizes. I have a hardcore trainer who puts me through my paces. I’m like anyone else. Sometimes you feel great and other times you don’t.”

But, despite her body confidence, the 37-year-old beauty has admitted her busy schedule – including a reunion with the pop group and the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ tour – has left her feeling ”frazzled” but it’s been an amazing year so far.

Chatting to the Mail Online, she said: ”The first day in your bikini is horrible as it’s the whitest day. I always think you look better with a tan. This year has been crazy. I’ve felt frazzled, but it’s been amazing, with ‘Strictly’ and the S Club reunion.”

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