Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Exclusive Interview On Music And Cheryl’s On-Going Support

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie are back with a catchy single ‘Bumaye’ which has a positive summer vibe and whatsmore it will be on their album which is due for release on the guys new label F.R.O.D MUSIC.

The Pop/Afrobeats/Dancehall duo rose to fame after their appearance on The X Factor in 2015 where mentored by Cheryl they were 1st runners up. We recently spoke to them in an exclusive interview below where they talk about their music, dancing, dream collaborations and pre-show rituals.

Interview by Mark Boardman.

You are both known for your Energetic performances, and this reflects in your new single ‘Bumaye’ which has a real positive vibe, how did the song come about and where were you when you wrote it?

REGGIE: Bumaye is actually the last song we recorded for the album. It wasn’t planned but out of the bloom, we kind of felt the need to get into the studio with our writing team with whom we had done a previous song. We just went with the flow of the moment with no specific topic in mind and the magic came out of it. We had planned to release a different single at that time but at the end we felt BUMAYE was the right track for the summer.

Having seen your Dance moves in action (They are incredible), which came first, the love of dance or music?

BOLLIE:The love for the music comes first and the dance follows naturally. I personally love dancing, it comes naturally as soon as I hear a good music. We try to incorporate dance moves as it is part of our culture and it goes in sinergie with our style of music.

You remain close to your X Factor mentor Cheryl, did she have any advise for you that have helped you in this tough industry?

REGGIE: Yes we have an amazing relationship with Cheryl. She was our mentor and throughout the journey on the X Factor and afterwards, she’s given us many advices to help us going and keep us grounded. One of the many was to never allow people’s negativity impact our actions but to stay focus on ourselves, our goals and keep the positivity in us.

In your audition Rita was really into you guys, could you see a Colloboration in the future if not who would you choose?

BOLLIE: Oh yes she was feeling our vibe on our first audition. It was a great moment. Definitely in future it would be great to collaborate with her. We really respect her as a person and her artistry so it would really be a privilege.

You were booked to perform at Summer Fest 2017 alongside many other artists including Peter Andre, whose 1990’s hit “Mysterious Girl” you sampled on your second single, “Link Up”, but which decade would you most liked to go back to musically (apart from now).

REGGIE: Great question. I would say the 90s most definitely. I personally grew up listening to the 90s music and it did shape my passion for music. I think in general the 90s was the best decade in the music industry with many great artists.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

BOLLIE: I don’t really have a specific ritual but I like to relax myself by listening to Raggae and Dancehall music. It really gets me in the mood and ready to perform.

Some quick fire questions:
What’s your favourite thing about the UK? Our favourite thing about UK is the diversity of cultures and also the patriotism in the country.

What is the best song you’ve written? BOLLIE: Best song i’ ve written is titled “I wonder” but for some reason I never released it officially lol.
REGGIE: Mine would be “Victims” which I wrote about victims of broken homes. That song got me the award for “Best Music for National Development” at the 2011 Ghana Music Awards.

Which actors would play you two in a movie? Eddie Murphy for Bollie and Will Smith Reggie.

What was the last thing you googled? BOLLIE:The last thing i googled was the meaning of the word Annotation lol
REGGIE: Mine was “When is the release date of IPhone 8”

Fave food: English fry-up or Ghanan cuisine? BOLLIE: No offence but hands down Ghanaian cuisine.

Moving away from Syco, What made you decide to set-up Independent label named F.R.O.D MUSIC Ltd (Fearlessly Ruling Our Destinies Music).

REGGIE: Setting up our own label was our goal from way before we went on the X Factor and we actually set the label up whiles we were still with Syco. We joined Syco knowing the challenges of the industry and that some business relationships do not last forever so we wanted to be ready and prepared to walk our own journey at the right time.

Your album is just about complete, how many tracks made it onto the album
(Were there any you would like to see someone else perform?)

BOLLIE: We’ve managed to cut it down to 17 now and are considering further cuts. We did have to give up a song we wrote to another artist but we can’t give out any details yet unfortunately.

What does the Future hold?

REGGIE: The release of the album and hopefully embark on our own Tour around U.K. , Europe and Africa. We plan to expand more our brand and our label. Keep watching this space because we have lots of amazing stuff coming up.

Loving your single and can’t wait for the album, and best of luck guys. signing off BUMAYE!!!

Thank you so much for having us!!

‘Bumaye’ is the second single released on the new label and is a celebration: a cheer or hurrah call for life. It is also a fantastic excuse to show off your ‘Bumaye’ dance moves, whatever they may be! The track is a fun song- perfect for summer celebration, but in all seriousness, it also signals a new and exciting style for Reggie ‘N ‘Bollie.  As the duo say:

 “Bumaye is a summation of the cultural mix and our development as songwriters and Artists. It takes us away from the stereotypical Reggie ‘N’ Bollie style and it means a lot to us as it is the last track we recorded for the album. We all love it and we hope our fans love it too.”

#BUMAYE Official Music Video

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