Richie Sambora’s Desire for a Bon Jovi Reunion

It has been a full decade since the iconic guitarist Richie Sambora last graced the stage alongside Jon Bon Jovi, his partner in the band they co-founded in Sayreville, New Jersey, way back in 1983. Fast forward to today, and Richie Sambora, now 64, is expressing a strong inclination towards a reunion to commemorate the remarkable 40-year journey of their beloved band. In a recent conversation with People magazine, Sambora shared insights into the possibility of rekindling the magic that Bon Jovi fans have cherished for decades.

The Talk of a Documentary

One enticing element fueling the prospect of a Bon Jovi reunion is the development of a documentary focusing on the band’s storied history, in which Richie Sambora has played a substantial role. He stated, “There’s a documentary that’s being done about the band and stuff that I’ve participated in, and people want to come see us play, and it’s going to make everybody happy. I mean, essentially, that’s why you do it at this point.”

This documentary not only offers a tantalizing glimpse into the band’s journey but also serves as a testament to the enduring allure of Bon Jovi’s music. It seems that the documentary has sparked fresh enthusiasm among fans and perhaps even within the band itself, planting the seeds of a potential reunion.

Mending Old Wounds

While the details surrounding Richie Sambora’s departure from Bon Jovi in 2013 have never been officially unveiled to the public, Sambora’s recent statements suggest that time may have the power to heal old wounds. He sounded resolute when he said, “So yeah, it definitely could happen. It’s just a question of when everybody’s ready to go do it. It will be a big, massive kind of undertaking.”

This optimism reflects a desire for unity and resurgence, where the shared history and camaraderie of the band can overshadow any past grievances. Sambora’s confident tone hints at a genuine willingness to reconcile, emphasizing that the doors are far from closed.

Life Beyond the Spotlight

In 2020, Richie Sambora stated in an interview with People that he held no regrets about stepping aside from his prominent role in the band. He decided to focus on his relationship with his daughter, Ava, who is now 26 years old. Sambora acknowledged that it wasn’t a popular decision, but he expressed that there was almost no alternative, saying, “It wasn’t a popular decision by any means, obviously, but there was really almost no choice about it.”

This decision, rooted in his commitment to family, highlights an important facet of Sambora’s life beyond the spotlight. It reflects the challenges and choices that artists often face when balancing their personal and professional lives, offering a glimpse into the humanity behind the rock star persona.

The Excitement of a 40th Anniversary

As Richie Sambora contemplates the possibility of a Bon Jovi reunion, one factor that adds to the excitement is the celebration of the band’s 40th anniversary. This milestone represents not just longevity but also the enduring popularity of their music. It’s a testament to the band’s ability to resonate with audiences across generations, making the thought of a reunion all the more enticing.

Sambora exudes enthusiasm as he declares, “It’s time to do it, though… this is our 40th anniversary, but I feel younger than ever. I’m having a ball.” His energy and passion for the band’s music are palpable, creating a sense of anticipation among fans who have followed Bon Jovi’s journey through the decades.

The Missing Piece

Richie Sambora, as one of the original co-founders of Bon Jovi, played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s sound and success. His contribution extended beyond his virtuoso guitar skills; he co-wrote some of the band’s most iconic hits, including classics like “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

The absence of Sambora from the band in recent years has been palpable for fans. It’s not just a missing member but a distinct element of Bon Jovi’s identity that has been absent from the stage. The prospect of his return offers the possibility of rekindling the classic Bon Jovi sound and recapturing the essence of their earlier days.

A Glimpse of Reconciliation

While singer Jon Bon Jovi has not publicly discussed the potential of a reunion, Richie Sambora’s recent statements aren’t the first time he has expressed his eagerness to rejoin the band. In 2018, when Howard Stern inducted the Jersey giants into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, both Sambora and Bon Jovi appeared together on stage. Sambora candidly shared his experience, stating, “everybody falls back into place… it feels great to see everybody. We already rehearsed and it was wonderful, it wasn’t awkward.”

This glimpse into a harmonious reunion underscores the sense of unity and shared history that the band members cherish. It’s a testament to the enduring bond they share, one that transcends any differences or challenges they may have faced over the years.


In the world of music, reunions often evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia and excitement among fans. They offer an opportunity to relive cherished moments and rediscover the magic of a band’s music. Richie Sambora’s desire for a Bon Jovi reunion, especially in the context of the band’s 40th anniversary and the forthcoming documentary, opens the door to a potentially thrilling chapter in the band’s history.

While it’s too early to confirm if and when a reunion will take place, Sambora’s words and the glimpses of reconciliation provide hope for fans who have longed to see the original lineup of Bon Jovi back on stage. The prospect of rekindling the iconic sound and energy of one of rock music’s most celebrated bands is undeniably alluring, and it will be fascinating to see how this chapter in Bon Jovi’s journey unfolds.

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