Simon Pegg still doesn’t know if he’s cast for Mission: Impossible 6

Actor, producer and director, Simon Pegg, opens up about working with Tom Cruise and being ‘Bi-Starrial’.

When speaking about working on the Mission: Impossible films in which Tom Cruise does his own stunts, Simon said: “It just means a lot to him, that when the audience watch the movie, they’re watching it thinking, ‘Oh Jesus it’s him he’s doing it…’

Simon Pegg

This completely describes my relationship with Tom Cruise, I’m covered in a grass suit with dirt all over my face being Mr Comedy and he’s hanging on to the side of a plane, literally hanging on the side of a plane! And when we [the cast and crew] watch him do it, he might die, when you [the audience] watch him do it, you know he’s alright because you’ve seen him!”

Of the day when the Mission: Impossible filmed the scene where Tom Cruise hung on to the side of a plane, Simon said: “Everybody was very nervous that day including him, you don’t usually see him nervous. He was focussed but he looked like he was bricking it!”

“I worry about what’s he going to do now and we’ve had this conversation a few times, ‘seriously though what are you going to do now?’ Because we’re going to make Mission: Impossible 6 – I don’t know if I’m in it yet but fingers crossed – but literally ‘what are you going to do? Jump off the moon?’ I’m worried about him, I think he could seriously hurt himself if he’s not careful!” he joked.

Simon, who has appeared in and worked across both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises – said: “I am bi-starrial” and on his preference between the two, Simon said: “It’s a choice I don’t want to make…” and when pushed he said, “It has to be Star Trek now because I’ve written part of it but Star Wars was a huge film for me growing up.”


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