Sophie And The Bom Boms Interview

Sophie And The Bom Boms are our featured artist of the month for February 2015 and so we sent along our showbiz reporter Cliff Morton to interview her, where she revealed all about writing for other artists, her inspirations and love of the UK…we quickly discovered she was alot of fun too!!

Sophie Bom Bom's exclusive interview  for MarkMeets
Sophie Bom Bom’s exclusive interview for MarkMeets

So how’s things? All good?

I’m great thank you, thank you so much for having me as your artist of the month

Now it’s fair to say that you’ve stamped quite a unique mark on the music industry & as a result I’m guessing you’ve been quite busy lately?

I’ve been pretty busy yes, I’ve been having a good time here in London

How do you find London in comparison to L.A?

I love it so much here I think it’s such an inspiring, creative cool city and I’m so happy to be here.

The 1st with artists such as Rihanna, Britney Spears & Conor Maynard to step up into the spotlight and lead the way with Sophie & The Bom Boms?

You know what it was never my plan to write for other artists, I just kind of like started doing it and it happened. I was always done cooking my own stuff and then after a while of doing it I just thought it’s time now. I couldn’t write anymore for other people. I had something to say.

I’ve listened to a few of your tracks now and I think it’s fair to say that your songs are catchydefinitely funky, uplifting but my opinion, is that they do have some seriously powerful & meaningful lyrics. Where does that come from?

I just have something to say, I just have something where I see the world a certain way and everything that affects me and whatever is going on in the world or whatever is going on in my life, I feel like I have to get it out and I’m a sensitive person and like sometimes, you know, that becomes my inspiration when I feel like saying things or getting stuff off my chest. The songs do have a pop feel to them but it’s a reality in my life that I’m talking about.

To me it’s rare talent because people write songs or they perform songs and it’s easy to make a song with poor lyrics that’s got a beat that everyone finds catchy but I think there’s a rare talent that sort of shines through with certain artists that can write songs that have got powerful and meaningful lyrics. The UK’s “Gary Barlow” is quite renowned for it. He wrote “A Million Love Songs” at 15 year-old?

Has your up-bringing played a big part in your Music career do you think?

Thank you, first of all and I think that my up bringing has definitely affected who I am. I feel like we’re all kind of boring with a certain personality and then what we go through in our lives affects us and so I definitely think that part of it and it’s also just part of you know, what my life has become over time and my experiences as I’ve gotten older to.

So who have been your inspirations growing up?

I grew up listening to a lot of R&B and Hip Hop. I love Tu-Pac. I grew up in Los Angeles and it was just really heavy on L.A Hip Hop. I love Aretha, I love Marvin Gaye, I love old school soul music and I love Lauren Hill who’s like one of my biggest inspirations as an artist. I really like Kendrick Lamar right now. I like Rihanna a lot too I think she’s been really cool stock in pop music.

It must be something special when you hear people such as Rihanna or Kendrick and you think I’ve wrote for them or I’ve wrote with them. I’d be lost. I wouldn’t know what to do or say, What inspired the change from writing songs?

Sophie – (Laughs) I’ve never met Rihanna. I spent a lot of time working on her album but in the end I didn’t get a song on it but I wrote closely with her team and that was like, I wish I would’ve got something on with her, she’s really cool. Kendrick was on a song that I did too and that was really an honour to be on a song with him.

Sophie And The Bom Boms
Sophie And The Bom Boms

When I listen to your tracks, I hear hints of so many artists that the public and fans will relate to; Katy Perry, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, but there’s something different? Each track seems to have your personal stamp on it. Lily Allen does the same in the UK? Everyone says to me “I don’t now what the thing is you have about Lily Allen?” but to me she just has a unique sound and a bit of authority with it. She has a purposeful meaning but she delivers it in a unique way.

Yes, I love her and I think she is so cool. I think that’s what’s really cool about a lot of British music that comes out here. Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse because it is very poppy but also there’s a message behind it. It’s very unique and it’s people being themselves and I really respect that about a lot of artists.

That’s what I find with yours because I found myself singing along but when I think of the lyrics and the meaning I think that’s not something I’d usually sing about or sing along with. People don’t realise the work, do you find that it comes naturally to you or do or is it something you’ve worked at or is just that’s my feeling and I’m going to put it into song.

That’s my feeling and I’m going to put it into song. It’s not that thought out for me it’s just kind of comes out that way, it’s just who I am.

That’s why you’ve got so many fans it’s because they are all so naturally impressed. Have you got anyone out there with the interviews you’ve done, that people have compared you to, that you’re not happy with?

No. I think I respect everyone for doing there own thing and I think it’s cool that people familiarise me with somebody that they hear or somebody that they like. I think it’s really flattering and people can take from my music whatever they want to take from it. I’m just writing it and sharing it and if it makes you feel one way that’s great and if it makes you feel another that’s cool and I’m cool with whatever people want to feel about music.

Yes, my thoughts were that it’s such a mix and you can hear so many different people that you can relate to in the UK but there’s something special and Lily Allen was the only one I could relate to where there’s just a unique sound. Although everyone else is saying there’s a bit of Nicki Minaj, a bit of Jesse J, a bit of Katie Perry when I listened to your music. I thought that’s powerful.

That’s a very flattering comparison. I really really do like Lily Allen for the exact reasons you’re saying, that’s really flattering, really sweet, thank you so much.

Ha, unless it’s an attitude. You haven’t got an L.A attitude (laughs). Maybe that’s what it is?

(Laughs) I do have attitude. I don’t know how much it comes out or doesn’t come out but you definitely don’t want to catch me on a bad day.

(Laughs) I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’ve got to mention your new track “Power” that’s released on 23rd verse but still carries a deep & meaningful theme? What prompted such ingenuity? Is it just as you said? It just comes natural?

You’re asking the inspiration behind that song.


I guess I wrote the song for me because I see the predicament happen a lot in the music industry. Where there’s a lot of power and money around and you know the way people act when they have it or the way people act when they want to be around it or when they want to have it and it’s true in the whole world I feel like it’s definitely something I’ve been around a lot in the music industry and I just got fed up with it and wrote this song.

Sophie And The Bom Boms pic

After writing songs and now performing, how are you coping with life in the limelight? Are you ok with it?

To me the best thing in the whole world I could ever do is perform on stage and connect with people that way and so as long as I get a shot at doing that, that’s the greatest thing I could ever do and being in the studio didn’t give me that when I was song writing and so to me I just feel blessed ever day that I get to do shows and that I get to write what I want to write and so I’m just so grateful.

So that’s the driving force, that’s what keeps you motivated?

Yes, I mean there’s a way we all have to connect with the world and this is how I feel like I can do it, so I just feel blessed that I’m able to do it.

On the limelight scale, obviously, it must be a bit hectic? Have you got any memorable moments with a particular fan or anything like that?

I’ve really had a lot of funny and great experiences, especially being on tour and every night my show is a party and so people get wild at that and I love it. That’s my people, that’s my Bom Boms.

I’m guessing you’d be the life and soul of the party are you?

I do like to have a good time.

(Laughs) See I picked that up. I don’t know if it was the sexy accent comment or just through your music but I thought there’s a party.

You need to go out and party sometime. Feb. A pop anthem with a catchy beat & an infectious sing along

At the end of the day that’s what you work for?

That’s what we work for, work hard, play harder.

I like that philosophy. It’s obvious that you have such a strong passion for music. Is there anyone that you’ve worked with that particularly stands out or is there any new talents coming out that you relate to and are impressed with?

Oh my god there’s so many but I think there are so many amazing talented people coming out right now I think that my favourite person that I’ve ever worked with is my partner in all this David Elavator. He’s just one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.

He’s just won 3 grammys. I’m so proud and he’s just one of you know, the most talented and interesting producers I’ve ever worked with so I feel blessed and excited to work with him all of the time and there’s some producers I’ve been working here with in the UK that are amazing.

Do you find that the UK producers do things differently to what they do in America?

I think it’s more open, creatively here I think in America it’s an especially huge industry where everyone’s going for a certain thing for everything to be on the radio or be a certain way but here it’s a lot more open and people are very innovative and creative and I so think that’s a real positive thing about London.

There’s not been too many acts that have gone to America and actually cracked America recently besides Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran.

Sophie – I love Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s excellent but it’s kind of been a renowned thing in the past that there’s been certain big bands or groups in the UK that have gone to America and not really made it the way they thought they would.

I always to try to finish up with the “Ten in 2 minutes challenge” if u fancy it?

10 rapid questions, first answer that comes into your head?

Number 1 Favourite TV Programme.

Oh, ummm (voice in the background is heard saying “be honest”) Fine, they said be honest, The Bachelor, cry

(Laughs) Be honest? I better change the next question then? Number 2 Have you got any bad habits?

Partying too much sometimes (laughing)

That’s a good habit (laughing)

Number 3 what was the first single you ever bought?

Oh my god

They’re harsh aren’t they?

Sugar Ray (Breaks into song) Every Morning. Do you have to write that, it’s so embarrassing? In fact I bought something before that Kriss Kross what was it called.

Number 4 your favourite Alcoholic Drink?

Oh, I love my Vodka.

Number 5 what item couldn’t you live without?

(Pauses for thought) oh, oh s**t ….hello, anybody?

I’ll help you, most people say their iPhone (laughs)

Well in the UK I can’t have my iPhone so I have like a little crack dealers flip phone here.

(Laughs) I’m guessing it’s that then?

Hmmm, let’s say that I can’t live without my pink lipstick.

Pink Lipstick and partying? Number 6 what are you most scared of?

Heights, like being up high.

Heights, yes, I’m not a fan of them myself. Number 7 favourite Pig-out food?

Chips. You guys have Chips that are different. I’m saying like Potato crisps.

If you could star in a film which film would you pick?

Something romantic, ooh The Notebook. I want to be in The Notebook I want to touch Ryan Gosling a little bit

Ulterior motive? Number 9 – When was the last time you told a lie?

Like probably 5 minutes ago.

Number 10 – Have you got any Celebrity gossip?

My lips are sealed .

Finally, have you got a message for your fans?

I love my Bom Boms.

Perfect, Sophie, Thank you so much for your time, it’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you.

I appreciate it thank you so much.

Sophie and the Bom Bom’s Featured Artist for February 2015

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