The Alberti Twins Interview

So all you Love Island Fans, We spoke to VERY ROMANTIC ITALIAN STALLIONS, Tony and John Alberti, the beautiful identical twin brothers, about their time in the Villa and how is they coping outside of the Villa & more in an exclusive interview for MarkMeets.

Tony and John Alberti are still hoping to find love but neither use chat up lines.

The Alberti Twins
The Alberti Twins

So Firstly, Coulld you tell us your full name, age and location?
John Paul Alberti, Tony Frances Alberti, 30, Manchester

What was you both like with the ladies when you was younger?
Well being twins we always got attention, and being italian we have always been around people and woman and know how to flirt with them, always get attentions we love the attention we have always had it so never struggled really.

Are you both still looking for love and going on dates?
Yeah we are still looking for love obviously, even before the show we was on the dating scene a lot so we still are looking to settle down and that as we are at that age, but we are dating a lot as usual.

How were your past relationships?
We never have ever actually had a stabled relationship, i think its because we get bored so easily and so picky as well like we have never committed to a full blown relationship really, the longest has been about 6months i think then we got bored.

Do you have a best chat up line?
We don’t really go for using a chat up line because we know how to romance a girl and like give them compliments and because we are italian we know how to do it you know, we invented romance.

Worst/Best date?
Worst date we’d say the first one we had in the house properly, it was so boring but a best date would be having a nice meal, looking out to sea something like that, checking out all the views, a nice little boat ride like the note book, something corny and cheesy.

Celeb Crush?

Do you have a type?
Well beauty doesn’t really matter we go for the standard, dark eyes, dark hair, dark skin, like italian looking girls, as long as you are beautiful inside and out thats all that matters and has a great personailty, you can have a pretty face with no personialty which makes you ugly, we don’t like that.

What was it like in the Villa?
It was such an amazing experience, its really intense, like we enter into a big row and things like that going on, we loved it.

Who was you most attracted to?
Jess and Danielle on paper, Hannah was cute had a nice personality.

What did you miss the most?
Apart from beautiful girls we missed nutella, love that stuff and coffee we didn’t get out own coffee we took some in but they didn’t allow us to have it which we was upset about.

What would you of brought into the Villa if you stayed longer?
We would of added more fun and you would of seen our personalities more, would of been more romantic, and just having a good time.

Who was you closest to in the Villa?
Chris and Luis.

Who was different in person than you thought before going in?
Luis was a really nice guy, thought he would be different.

Who have you stayed in contact with after the show?
All of them atm.

How has the girl attention been since coming out of the Villa?
It’s been crazy, like being twins we get notice a lot, so we have been notice a lot more, we have loved the response.

We have loads of things in the pipe line, we are going to have a bright future ahead, TWIN TAKEOVER is coming watch out!

Interview by Charley-Jean for MarkMeets.


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