5 Concert Tips to Give You the Best Concert Night of Your Life

Get this: more than 52% of Americans have attended a concert at least once in their lives. With so many people craving concerts on the regular, it’s no wonder why some music lovers need tips for concerts to show up fully prepared.

Not sure how to go to a concert yet?

Here’s the deal: going to a concert can be a fun and life-changing experience. Read here to find concert tips to keep you safe and healthy on your night!

1. Prepare for Public Transportation

So, let’s say that you’ve scored tickets for Celine Dion recently. Now, what do you do?

First of all, it’s definitely not a good idea to take your car to the local concert in your town. Not only is finding parking difficult, but also, sometimes, drinking alcohol may impair your ability to drive home. Instead, try hailing your nearest rideshare provider.

Other safe transportation suggestions include:

  • Grabbing a taxicab
  • Taking the subway
  • Carpooling with a group

The best part about hiring someone else to take the wheel is that you don’t even have to worry about traffic. Plus, if you live in a big city like Philadelphia or New York, taking public transportation should be a piece of cake.

2. Choose the Best Location in the Venue

In case you didn’t know, every single concert venue has three primary locations, which include the following spots:

  • The front
  • The middle
  • The back 

For those of you who want to take your concert experience up a notch, aiming for the balcony might be the right space for you. The point is to plan your location ahead of time. So if you plan to stay at the front of the audience, arrive early.

If you don’t mind staying in the back or the middle of the crowd, your timing isn’t as essential as you think it is. Those of you who want an upstairs balcony spot, however, should “play it by ear” for different concert venues. Our general rule of thumb, though, is to show up very early to claim this spot as well.

Once you know exactly where you’re going to be in the crowd, your concert should be as stress-free as possible.

3. Bring Multiple Layers of Clothing

If you’ve ever worn too little or too much to a concert venue, then this particular concert tip is perfect for you. As you may already know, bringing layers gives you the “best of both worlds.” How do we know this, you ask?

For starters, getting too hot during your concert means that you can take several layers off and still look stylish in the crowd. On the other hand, getting too cold during your concert means that you can easily throw on a few layers without missing a beat.

4. Listen to Pre-Show Opener Bands

Even though this might seem like a no-brainer, you may be surprised by how many people decide to skip the pre-show opener bands. You should avoid this concertgoer mistake for a variety of reasons, which can include everything from:

  • You might find your new favorite band
  • You know when to take a fresh air break or restroom break
  • You’ll elevate your concert-going experience overall

Who wouldn’t want that?

5. Look Out for Smaller Music Venues

We get it: it’s probably a popular choice to hit up the largest music venues in town instead of the smaller ones. Contrarily, checking out the smaller venues in your town can be a big game-changer for your musical experience. Once you try out small venues with less than 500 people, you might feel that the artist is singing straight to you.

Here’s another bonus. Several years down the line, you may be able to say “I saw them first when the audience only had 10 people.” As if that’s not enough, this positive experience will carry over into the rest of your music-loving life.

Bonus Round: More Pro Concert Advice

Thought we were finished? Luckily for you, we’ve got an extra special bonus round full of more pro concert advice. 

Tip Your Bartenders Well

Besides the musicians themselves, bartenders are some other most essential people at the concert venue. As a matter of fact, attending a concert may feel like a totally different experience without bartenders at your side.

Don’t remember the last time you ordered a drink and the bartender had it ready in seconds? 

If not, it’s time to refresh your memory during your next concert experience. And remember, if you treat them well with a tip, they’ll be sure to remember your drink order next time!

Get on the VIP List

Many concertgoers may not know that there are actually show lists available to sign up for. Once you figure this out, though, you might never miss a VIP list again. That’s because there is nothing better than strolling up to the front of the line and saying: “check for my name at the top of the list.”

Trust us: not only will you seem cooler, but your concert experience will be much more legit as well!

Concert Tips You Can Count On

On the hunt for more concert tips you can count on?

When it comes to concert help, we’ve got the ultimate concert to guide that you’ve been looking for. From showing up to smaller venues to bringing multiple layers, there are tons of ways to improve your next concert experience. Pro tip: don’t forget to tip your bartender too!

Are you looking for more entertainment tips? Don’t hesitate to read more of our blog today!

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