Are Anti-Ageing Creams More Effective Than Botox

Anti Ageing Creams Botox

Most people like to appear youthful and attractive. This becomes a challenge as ageing takes its toll on appearances. There are several steps one can take to limit the ill effects of ageing on one’s appearance. As a basic step good, healthy habits are encouraged. These include drinking enough water, maintaining a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, avoiding smoking, refraining from excessive consumption of alcohol etc. Such habits keep one in good health apart from keeping them looking young. There are a lot of cosmetics that can improve the way a person looks. People also try products like face masks or anti-ageing creams in an attempt to rejuvenate their skin health and appearance. There are also injectable options that can help the person look younger. A few people may even opt for surgical options like a facelift.


There are substances that can be directly injected into the affected area to remove wrinkles and fine lines. The most popular substance amongst this is Botox. It is a substance that temporarily paralyses facial muscles. It is the frequent movement of the muscles that cause the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Once these muscles are targeted, the lines smoothed out and as long as the muscles are under the effects of Botox, the lines will not reappear. Dermal fillers are also used along with Botox to areas where wrinkles appear due to loss of volume. Injectables have to be repeated as and when needed to maintain one’s appearance.

Anti-ageing Creams

There is a wide range of creams available in the market that claim to have anti-ageing properties. They claim to work in a variety of ways. Some stress on their ability to regenerate skin, while others claim to repair it. There are also differences in the way they are to be applied and the duration they are supposed to stay on the skin. Most creams also act as moisturisers. The problem is that the results they provide are not too big. They do not provide predictable uniform results either. There will be a difference in how effective they are from person to person. Compared to something like Botox that has been proved to work, anti-ageing creams do not have a reliable track record. They have a mildly positive effect on the skin.

For a fast-acting and noticeable result a treatment like Botox can be trusted. It is important that the treatment is done under the supervision of a medical professional. Surgical procedures also give the required results, but they are way more expensive than an injectables based treatment. They also involve a longer recovery period. There are too many creams in the market that claim to work wonders. Even the best of them only make mild improvements to the skin. Even that result may vary depending on a lot of other factors. Anti-ageing creams are not a substitute for Botox. Any cream that makes that claim is misleading the user.

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