Best And Worst Comic book Movies Of The Last 10 Years

Comic books used to be something just for the geeks and nerds of the world. If you did love comic books fifteen years ago, you certainly weren’t going to brag about it. But times have changed, and comic books are now cemented into the mainstream and pop culture. That’s largely thanks to the massive comic book movie industry that has taken cinemas by storm. And, with Disney, Fox and WB planning on releasing three comic book movies per year very soon, it’s not going to change.

Movies about comic book heroes have achieves huge success at the box office globally with numerous franchises of films thrilling fans but let’s first review dc vs. marvel analysis between these movie makers.

People are already starting to wonder what the best comic book movie of 2016 will be. Some argue it’s got to be Batman Vs Superman with an Oscar-winning writer behind it. Others claim it’s about time we got a fantastic R-rated comic book movie and hope Reynolds can redeem Deadpool. Only time will tell but what we do know is that we’re living in a golden age of comic book movies.

However, they’re not all winners. Over the past ten years, we have had some great comic book films. But we also have to admit that there have been some frankly awful ones.

The Worst

Fantastic Four

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Who would have thought that the comic book movie genre could have sunk as low as Batman And Robin? Ah, but it did only a few months ago when Fox released Fantastic Four. Fantastic Four shouldn’t have been the mess that it was. There were pieces lined up to make this a truly brilliant film. Josh Trank was directing it after offering a unique take on superheroes in Chronicle. The cast was great with up and coming young stars lined up to take the lead roles. But it didn’t take long before signs appeared that things were going wrong behind the scenes. It started with the fact that no footage had been shown when there were only months until release.

Then stories of disturbances on the set and clashes between director and producer. It all seemed to be falling apart. Then the first trailer released and it didn’t look half bad. It almost had the vibe of Singer’s X-Men films that was perfect fine for most fans. The final nail in the coffin for the movie was an apologetic tweet from the director before the film released a late embargo for reviews. The finished movie arrived and had noticeable cuts with dramatic shifts in tone. It reeked of studio interference, and the worst part was that a nugget of promise for what the film could’ve been remained.

Kick Ass 2 was another film that should have been brilliant. The lines had already been drawn in a surprisingly good first outing. But the curse of sequels held true, and Kick-Ass Two just didn’t measure up. The problems began when Matthew Vaughn dropped the sequel in favor of another franchise. Enter Jeff Wadlow to save the blossoming franchise. A large reason for the failure has to be on the source material. It was significantly darker than the first one and Fox must have got cold feet. Scenes were cut that probably should have been left in, and the film felt a little watered down. Although, it was still too much for one of the films stars. Jim Carrey’s career has been incredible with brilliant acting roles in comic and dramatic films. However, kickass fans will probably always remember his decision not to support the release of the sequel. Deeming it to glorify violence Carrey disowned the sequel, not taking part in any of the marketing.

You might notice a pattern here as we move on to Thor: The Dark World. Marvel’s films have been brilliant over the past ten years, for the most part. But Thor: The Dark World certainly stands out as another wasted opportunity. In early development, there was talk of the film being an epic adventure, chartering different realms. But when it was released the story focused mainly on the human characters. The only saving grace was Tom Hiddleston playing the mischievous Loki. Arguably Thor 2 was a fun movie but a good comic book movie? No, not at all.

The Best


Comic book movie fans disagree on what the best movies of recent years have been. But one thing is certain. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is almost certainly in the top ten. Nolan’s trilogy is responsible for saving the character after the awful Batman and Robin. It was a hard reboot taking Batman back to his origins before bringing him out in all his glory. The trilogy is best to be thought of as one film with a beginning, a middle and an end. All the dots line up beautifully and while some argue the final showing was not as good as the first two it still completes an epic story.

In 2008, The Avengers was announced. A massive  movie that would bring all of Marvel’s characters together on the big screen. Or, at least all the ones the still owned. It was a revolutionary plan to build a movie universe like Hollywood had never seen. You wouldn’t think it now, of course, will almost every major studio jumping on the it’s all connected bandwagon. That said The Avengers will forever stand out as one of the best comic book movies of all time. Why is that exactly? Well, it’s certainly not the story that is quite play by the numbers. It could be the joy of seeing so many superheroes on the screen at the same time. But we think it’s more likely Joss Whedon’s skillful writing and directing. He knew how to write the characters, so the emotional moments hit while still making a fun movie. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep the magic for the sequel. Again, it’s widely thought this is due to Disney or Marvel taking the reigns a great deal more.

Finally, we have to give an honorable mention to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It showed that comic book movies didn’t have to be tied down and could enter any genre. In this case, political espionage. A concept that was replicated in Guardians Of The Galaxy with James Gunn’s fun space adventure.

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