Best TV Shows Based in or Featuring Casinos

On the big screen, casinos have long been a source of inspiration with everyone from Martin Scorsese to Steven Soderbergh tempted by the bright lights of places like Las Vegas.

However, the small screen has generally been less receptive to the idea of basing TV series or shows within the confines of a gaming facility.

It is unknown as to why this is the case, but here are some of the very best TV series that did push gaming and casinos to the fore.

Las Vegas is always a great setting for any TV show, with its bright lights and constant buzz creating the ideal backdrop for each and every scene

Las Vegas

Whenever shows about casinos are made, they tend to be gritty and dark affairs, but this show that started running in 2003 took a different approach, showing the fun and comedic aspects of gaming establishments on Sin City’s strip.

Ozark was an unlikely setting for a casino, but that did not stop protagonist Marty Byrde from founding one


If the fictional casino in Las Vegas was a fully regulated and above-board establishment, the one built by Ozark protagonist Marty Byrde is anything but.

Constructed on an old steamboat, the casino is run by a local rabble of characters, all led by Marty as he does everything he can to stop it being closed down. This Netflix show is a one-stop-shop for those looking to find out exactly how not to start a casino business, but it is entertaining as a result.

King of Vegas

The great thing about this show is that is took the viewer deep inside exactly what it is like to play many of the classic casino games that are on offer at regular gaming establishments.

It did all this while telling true stories that were directly or indirectly connected to said games.

Added to all that were the manly tones of boxing commentator turned narrator Max Kellerman, who co-hosted the show with Wayne Allyn Root.

The show never quite took off, but it is a great place to start for anyone looking to learn more about casino games.

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