Essential creative writing hacks for a writer or a blogger

Being a provider to be a creative writer, in general, is not an easy task. It is daunting and exhausting at the same time, both emotionally and physically. Writers believe that there is nothing more comfortable than
their writing seat. However, writing is not an easy task. It does take a toll on your mind.

Hence, anyone who’s ever experienced a writer’s block must certainly know what I am
referring to. To tell you the truth, there’s absolutely no magical portion that might help you write effectively, except maybe cups of coffee, but there are a few hacks and tricks that can simplify the process for you a bit.

Let’s just begin by saying that to achieve optimum output, you need to put in a lot of
imagination, hard work, and a desire to create something funny, good, and interesting.

Read, read a lot

To grow up to be a complete human being reading is important. When you read, your mind opens up in ways that you never imagined. It makes the unachievable, achievable. Reading is an excellent way of giving you a deeper insight into several popular topics. Honestly, it makes no difference as to what you read.

So, you can read anything from an epic fantasy novel to short stories, or a sci-fi. Every book has a certain life experience or a valuable lesson attached to it. It is an ideal way to turn you into a booming human being. The good thing about reading is that it can be done anytime, anywhere.

So, be it travelling, or just passing your time, if you have a free hour, materialize it by reading. Reading will not only help you come up with ideas easily but also improve your vocabulary significantly.

Environment is important

Now, writing doesn’t necessarily happen in a perfectly silent environment. Creativity is an immensely personal and a tricky thing. So, what might work for someone might fail for you. Naina, an online assignment help Australia provider, says that she loves writing in a busy coffee shop, as it is a place that helps her observe the people around and gain a better insight into the things. Some people seek writing inspiration in music. Well, to tell you about me, I am a writer who usually prefers a silent and a comfortable room to write. I don’t like the outside noise coming in when I am focusing on creating a creative writeup.

Always have a notebook with you

The thing with a writer’s life is that there will be days when you’ll go on without a single good idea. However, there’ll be days when you brainstorm, and you’ll be flooded with ideas for a good one month. Of course, that’s a jackpot for you. But to ensure that none of these ideas goes waste, you should write them all down. Take my word for it, when it comes to complex ideas or thoughts, never trust your memory. This is the reason why it is a good practice to write down the ideas whenever you are brainstorming. If you do not feel comfortable with a pen and paper, open the notes app of your smartphone and get writing. It could be a good technique to save all your ideas in the middle of a commute.

Start with an outline

Be it a short article, an online assignment, or content for your blog like TrumpLearning, a book, or a story, whatever you are writing, do ensure that it has an outline and a draft. An outline gives a coherent timeline to your ideas. It is important because it will avoid creating chaos in your writing and will ensure that you cover all the important points. Try to cover everything that should be a part of the writer. You know there’s something wrong with content writers today. They write a lot of fluff in the content with an object of reaching a particular word count. Though it can be helpful when you have nothing else to include for value addition, but will certainly hamper the quality of your content.

Better disconnect

As a writer, it is okay for you to distance yourself from your family or friends, and
sometimes even the technology surrounding you. Spend time with yourself. Shut out all the technology and the hustle around you, and try to spend some time alone with just your thoughts and ideas. Yes, browsing for ideas online is great, but more often than not, it turns into a distraction than a productive session. YouTube and Facebook, too, are engaging but will waste more time than would give you ideas. So, be very careful, and know when you need to step back and disconnect.

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