Frozen 3 songwriters excited for new film

Fans might have to wait until 2025 for the return of Anna and Elsa though songwriting duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez are “vey excited” about ‘Frozen 3’ being made.

Back in February Disney confirmed what we already knew, that a third movie was going to be made. The best jnstalment in the fantasy franchise is officially in the works – three years since ‘Frozen 2’ ranked as the highest-grossing animated movie – and husband-and-wife team Kristen, 51, and Robert, 48, are likely to return to write the threequel’s soundtrack after scooping an Oscar for co-writing ‘Let it Go’ from the original in the series.

Kristen, whose daughters with Robert, Katie and Annie, had voice roles in ‘Frozen’, told Collider about being asked again to write the songs: “They told us, the day of, and a little bit about what they’re thinking. It got us very excited. Now, we have to let the wheels of Hollywood do what they do, but we were very excited with their ideas.”

Robert added how he and his wife wrote tunes for ‘Frozen’ as its main characters reminded him of his kids: “The thing that we love about our own career, if we can say something we love about it, is that we get to pick projects that we feel so passionate about.

“With ‘Frozen’, when they showed us the pictures of Little Anna and Little Elsa, we were like, ‘That’s Katie and Annie. That’s our kids. This is for them. This is what we have to be saying to the world right now.’

Kristen said how she and Robert have learned to communicate better in their personal and working relationships through therapy. “Over the years, in collaboration, we’ve learned so much, as individuals, through therapy.

“We both learned is how to communicate differently. We actually learned this wonderful means of communication that we still use in our collaboration today where, if things get really tense, sometimes we have to say, ‘Okay, we need to have conscious dialogue,’ which means that I’m going to talk to you and I’m gonna say, ‘Here’s what I’m feeling right now. I am feeling that your attitude is making me close down.

“That way, we really slow down the process and hear each other, and have to see it from each other’s point of view. That’s been a game changer in our relationship and in our collaboration, when things get tense.”

Fans might have to wait until November 2025 for the return of Anna and Elsa in Frozen 3.

Disney’s Frozen first debuted in 2013 and became one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time.

Starring the vocal talents of Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and Idina Menzel, Disney’s spin on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen was hailed for its fresh story and themes of sisterhood, as well as its original songs.

Naturally, Disney greenlit a sequel, Frozen 2, which was released in 2019, in addition to an animated short in 2015 and an animated featurette in 2017.

But now it seems that newly returned CEO Bob Iger isn’t quite ready to (pardon the pun) let it go.

Is Frozen 3 Confirmed?

During The Walt Disney Company’s First Quarter 2023 Financial Results Conference Call, Bob Iger confirmed that Frozen 3 is officially in the works.

Which Cast Members Are Returning For Frozen 3?

While we don’t know the entire cast of Frozen 3 yet, Josh Gad, who plays the living snowman Olaf, has announced that he will be returning for Frozen 3

Will Elsa Get a Girlfriend In Frozen 3?

While there are no official details on Frozen 3 at this time, there have been rumors about Elsa’s sexuality and Elsa getting a girlfriend in an upcoming Frozen sequel.

A previous rumor has indicated that Disney intends to give Elsa a female love interest. Interestingly, the rumor indicated that this would happen in a Frozen prequel, which could indicate the upcoming Frozen 3 is actually a prequel.

Who Is The Queen of Arendelle In Frozen 3?

At the end of Frozen 2, Elsa abdicates the throne and Anna assumes the role of Queen and marries Kristoff, who then becomes King Consort. Anna will be the Queen of Arendelle at the beginning of Frozen 3.

What is Elsa’s New Title in Frozen 3?

Frozen 2 ends with Anna and Elsa breaking the curse on Arrendelle and calming the spirits. Elsa then steps down as Queen and assumes her role as the 5th Spirit, becoming the Protector of the Enchanted Forest. Elsa will continue to be the 5th Spirit in Frozen 3.

Is Disney Playing It Safe With Frozen 3?

As Frozen, Zootopia, and the long-running Toy Story franchise have proven to be lucrative properties for Disney, it makes sense for the company to return to these characters and stories.

And, while fans of the franchises are sure to be thrilled with the news, there’s also the question of whether Iger and the company are playing it safe instead of continuing to pursue more original animated stories.

If so, this could be due to the lackluster reception for Walt Disney Animation’s latest original film, Strange World, which flopped upon its late 2022 release.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how quickly Frozen 3‘s production gets underway and which of the announced sequels will be the first to debut.

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