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With the first tournaments launched in the early 2000s, Counter-Strike is among the oldest yet still adored disciplines in the eSports world The release of CS:GO in 2012 coincided with the heyday of online betting, and bookmakers rushed into accepting bets on CS:GO matches almost immediately. There are a number of the online bookies focused on the eSports market, which gives access to the biggest CS:GO events at While more and more fans of the game keep joining the platform as bettors, many of them get confused with the abundance of tournaments. So, here is a fast introduction to CS:GO events from GGBet.

  • Regular. Like with leagues in offline sports, the game features its own yearly competitions for teams having different skills. Within global and regional tournaments, they play throughout a year, striving to come atop the standings and get to the season finals. 

  • Seasonal. These tournaments are also held on a regular basis yet not as part of majors or minors and only a couple of times during a year. They are live events (at least in the pre-COVID-19 era) where teams are invited by a host or chosen through qualification matches. 

  • Minors. Arranged in various parts of the world, these contests are aimed at choosing the best teams from those that haven’t gotten the world’s top yet. Though minor tournaments cannot boast large prize pools, they give the chance to participate in a major event and, thus, enter elite eSports. 

  • Majors. Having million-dollar awards, these top-tier contests are sponsored by the developer itself. They are held twice a year to reveal the best of 24 teams chosen through several stages. 

  • Intel Grand Slam. The series under the patronage of Intel includes multiple events arranged throughout a year in different countries and hosted by top-of-the-line organizations like ESL or DreamHack. Teams need to win a certain number of larger international LAN-competitions to earn the grand prize. 


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