Katy Perry is the world’s highest earning musician of 2015

Katy Perry has been named as the highest earning music act of 2015 by Forbes though we’re sure Adele will be on the list in 2016 if she announces an even bigger tour!

The annual list places Perry at the top with earnings of $135 million for 2015. Much of her income is from her extensive Prismatic 120 date world tour.

Katy Perry

Unsurprisingly One Direction came in at No. 2 with an annual income of $130 million.

Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Justin Timberlake, Calvin Harris, Diddy and Lady Gaga also made it into the top ten

Last year’s top earner, Dr Dre, has now dropped to No. 28 following his 2014 earnings of $620 million following a landmark deal selling his Beats headphones line.

Forbes base their figures and estimates on insider industry information alongside interviews with managers and agents plus data provided by artists themselves.

Swift is just one of two artists, along with Drake, to actually sell more than 1 million copies in 2015.

Acts like One Direction and Taylor Swift typically make three-times as much as other stars on merchandise, around $20 compared to $5, thanks to the bank of mum and dad as parents accompany kids to their shows.

Musician-turned-Apple-exec Dr Dre was knocked off the top spot, which he bagged in 2014 with the sale of Beats to Apple, all the way down to 28th.

Forbes’ Top Ten earning musicians of 2015 are as follows:

1. Katy Perry: $135m (£90m)

2. One Direction: $130m (£86.7m)

3. Garth Brooks: $90m (£60m)

4. Taylor Swift: $80m (£53m)

5. The Eagles: $73.5m (£49m)

6. Calvin Harris: $66m (£44m)

7. Justin Timberlake: $63.5m (£42m)

8. Diddy: $60m (£40m)

9. Fleetwood Mac: $59.5m (£39.6m)

10. Lady Gaga: $59m (£39.3m)

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