Patriots reviews at the Almeida Theatre, London starring Tom Hollander

Reviews are coming in for Patriots at The Almeida Theatre in London.

Peter Morgan’s new play about Russian oligarchs and the rise of Vladimir Putin stars Tom Hollander in what is described as a ‘performance of the year’ (Independent). Directed by Rupert Goold, Patriots is an unflinching story of ambition and the dangers of loyalty and love.

Based on real events, Tom Hollander plays Boris Berezovsky, a one-time ally of Vladimir Putin, alongside Will Keen as Putin, Luke Thallon as Roman Abramovich, Yolanda Kettle as Marina Litvinenko, the widow of Berezovsky’s comrade and victim of Russian state poisoning, Alexander Litvinenko played by Jamael Westman.

Completing the cast are: Matt Concannon, Stephen Fewell, Ronald Guttman, Aoife Hinds, Sean Kingsley, Paul Kynman, Jessica Temple

The creative team includes Miriam Buether (set & costume), Deborah Andrews (costume), Jack Knowles (lighting), Adam Cork (sound & music), Polly Bennett (movement), Robert Sterne CDG (casting), Joel Trill (voice coach), Sophie Drake (assistant director) and Yuri Goligorsky (Russia Consultant).

Patriots runs until 20 August 2022 at the Almeida Theatre, London.

Read a round-up of reviews from UK theatre critics below.


“Peter Morgan’s compelling study of Russian dissidence”

“Rupert Goold’s production is ultimately entertaining but choppy, taking time to settle before its power struggles gain intensity.”

“But the play resets itself in the second half, dropping the Dead Ringers-style wisecracks and gathering potency, gripping stillness and tension.”

“The show-stealing performance is Will Keen’s saturnine Putin who emerges as the greatest and most sinister force on stage. ”


“Tom Hollander delivers firecracker Boris Berezovsky lead performance”

“There are echoes of The Crown’s confident sweep down the years and the skill Morgan has of homing in on a particular event and magnifying it to make it representative of a pivotal political moment.”

“The West End, and indeed Broadway, should surely ready themselves for a benign Russian invasion.”


“Tom Hollander gives one of the performances of the year”

“If the play sometimes gets heavy – the political and economic fate of post-Soviet Russia is no episode of Love Island – Hollander skips through it lightly.”

“There are plenty of great performances in Rupert Goold’s production. Will Keen’s Putin..Luke Thallon as Abramovich..Jamael Westman.. as Litvinenko”


“Witty, thrilling battle of political wills”

“Rupert Goold’s witty production about the oligarch who arguably created Putin and was then destroyed by him is sadly very timely”

“Tom Hollander gives a riveting performance.”

“Hollander’s Berezovsky is horrible but glows with Mephistophelean charm”

“He’s matched by Will Keen as Putin”

“Rupert Goold’s boiled-down production showcases the gift for concision and emotional grounding that Morgan brought to The Crown, The Queen, and his New Labour succession drama The Deal.”


“Unsettling political drama from Peter Morgan””

“In this slow-burning overview of Russian politics through the 1990s to the early 2010s, Morgan describes a nation sliding into authoritarianism as avaricious oligarchs and amoral politicians exploit their country’s systemic corruption for personal gain.”

“Morgan tells the story with methodical, cerebral coldness. While there’s a dose of suitably dry humour in the smart script, its slow pace and short, episodic scenes rarely generate enough conflict to really captivate. ”

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