The Reasons Less Is More When It Comes To Working Out

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When it comes to exercise, you feel as if you should do it more often than not. Otherwise, you’ll only sit on the couch snacking on junk foods piling on the pounds. So, you research your work out regime and blast out the tunes. You’re committed.

After a while of seven-day sessions and hardly any rest, you realise what the scientific community has said for years – it’s counterproductive. That’s right. Working out regularly isn’t as healthy as you imagine.

Aside from the fact that your body is screaming in pain and you’re constantly tired, here are the reasons you don’t want to overdo your training regime.

You Lose Less Weight

Your goal might not be to lose weight. You could prefer to tone up and add definition. However, you still need to shed a few pounds as you won’t get the results you’re searching for if there is a layer of fat covering your abs. Unfortunately for weight loss, more is less. This study shows that the people who exercise regularly don’t tend to lose as many pounds as the ones who do it semi-regularly. Typically, this is because it takes a lot more than working out a lot to transform your lifestyle.

You’ll Be Lured Into A False Sense Of Security

One of the reasons why it’s hard to lose weight when you work out constantly, apart from the fact that you need to tweak everything from your sleep patterns to your stress levels, is that you believe you’re faultless. What does this mean? It highlights that you think you can drink and eat what you want because you’re always burning calories. While you might have a little extra leeway, you must stick to your daily allowance and avoid harmful ingredients such as saturated and trans-fats. This logic doesn’t change because you exercise seven times a week.

You’re Doing It Wrong

There are tonnes of activities that you can do to lose weight and add muscle mass and definition. A basic exercise is a sit-up or crunch as it works the relevant groups and it’s easy to do from anywhere. You don’t require specialist equipment or a gym setup. Even then, proper crunch form isn’t guaranteed since lots of people don’t perform the exercises properly. The fact that you’re not reaching your targets is a sign that you’re doing something wrong. Instead of continuing regardless, it’s smarter and healthier to stop and learn the correct technique.


Finally, it’s essential that you never underestimate the impact that exercise has on the body. Although it’s vital for a healthy lifestyle, it’s also intense, which is potentially traumatic. You can do everything right and you still could end up with painful injuries. The key to staying fit and warding off aches and pains is to rest. This allows the tissue to heal and grow, resulting in stronger muscles that can withstand increased pressure. You can’t take a day off when you hit the gym all the time.

How do you feel about exercising too much? Do you believe in the less is more theory?

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