Why Are British Celebs Fleeing The UK For Cosmetic Surgery?

Celebs Cosmetic Surgery

An increasing number of celebs are opting for low cost surgery in luxurious overseas destinations away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Research from Mintel has revealed that 15% of the UK population think it’s just as safe to have cosmetic surgery abroad as it would be in the UK. And while not all celebrities admit to having gone under the knife, there are plenty that are happy to share their cosmetic surgery experiences.

Celebs who confess to having had surgery 

Statistics released from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reveal that the number of females who had a breast augmentation in 2017 increased by 7% compared to the previous year. Most recently, Love Island star Kady McDermott headed to Turkey for breast augmentation surgery. The reality TV star said that she was having the surgery to increase her confidence on modelling shoots, adding “I’ve never had anything done before but in this industry it’s really hard, you always want to look your best.” Following her surgery, Kady stated she’d spend time recovering in a Turkish villa before heading back to the UK. Kady isn’t the only celeb who’s headed abroad to enhance their personal appearance. Katie Price regularly has surgery overseas and in March visited Belgium for facial surgery. Meanwhile, former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger flew to Turkey at the end of last year for a cosmetic procedure.

Surgery hot spots

Mintel’s research also revealed that adults aged 25 to 34 were more trusting of cosmetic surgery abroad then older members of the UK population. Patients Beyond Borders state that Costa Rica, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the United States are the top destinations for individuals looking to have surgery overseas. Medical tourism in Thailand currently accounts for 9% of visitors in the country as they offer low cost, high quality surgery and aftercare for patients. Meanwhile, Dubai is working hard to become the “preferred global destination for medical tourism” and has already spent tens of billions of pounds improving their medical facilities, according to The Times.

The benefits of heading overseas

It’s a well known fact that celebrities love a holiday or two, so if they can enjoy some glorious sunshine before and after their cosmetic procedure, why would they stay in grey old Blighty? The last thing any celeb wants when they’ve recovering from their surgery is to be papped looking swollen and sore. According to The Guardian, a nose job in the Czech Republic costs just £847, whereas the same procedure in the UK is £3,557. Breast augmentation is also considerably cheaper in Poland where the average cost is £1,972 compared to £3,736 in Britain. Therefore, the temptation of some sun, a low cost procedure and a pap free recovery is the ultimate option for most celebs who are keen to overhaul their body image. 

The trend for celebs to head overseas for cosmetic surgery is a growing one. Many choose to combine a holiday abroad with their desire to enhance their appearance. And with there being so many grand locations to choose from, celebrities are avoiding the paps and recuperating from their low cost procedure in style.

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