Zac Efron’s Movie Becomes One Of U.S. Box Office History’s Biggest Flops


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Zac Efron’s new film ‘We Are Your Friends’ where he plays a DJ has failed to meet expectations with audiences this weekend after landing one of the worst wide-release openings in U.S. box office history.

The new music-driven romantic drama, which also features Gone Girl star and Blurred Lines video model Emily Ratajkowski, failed to make the top five and raked in a measly $1.8 million in 2,333 cinemas across America, making it the fourth-worst film debut since 1982.

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If there’s any solace, it is that Warner Bros. paid a modest $2 million to distribute the film in North America on behalf of Working Title Films and StudioCanal (still, it’s the latest in a string of summer titles from the studio to disappoint). “We Are Your Friends,” directed by Max Joseph (Catfish: The TV Series), placed No. 13 or No. 14.

The disappointing gross comes in behind 2012 children’s film The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, 2008 animated fantasy Delgo, and the Saw 10th Anniversary release from last year.

Zac Efron recently attended the London Film Premiere of the movie in the UK, See more Red Carpet London Events.

This week’s box office countdown is led by N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton for a third successive week

To make matters worse, Zac Efron’s musical memory was put to the test while doing press for his new movie “We Are Your Friends.” Efron, his co-star Emily Ratajkowski and director Max Joseph were asked to name songs after an interviewer from Cosmopolitan played the first few seconds of each.

Some were easy — Ratajkowski knows her Beyoncé — but when it came to a “High School Musical” song, Efron completely failed. Even listening to the lyrics to a song he had to lip sync (for what was probably multiple takes) didn’t help him identify “Breaking Free” from the first Disney Channel movie. And the hearts of “High School Musical” fans shattered everywhere.

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