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BGT tonight features Harry Gardner and the ‘Hoop Guy’

The latest act on Britain’s Got Talent had all four judges in a spin

After four weeks of auditions, it looks like the Britain’s Got Talent judges have got cabin fever.

We honestly don’t know where to start with this clip from Saturday’s BGT. Simon Cowell running around the stage like Benny Hill, nearly tripping up in the process? Alesha Dixon hula hooping? David Walliams trying to tip Simon out of his chair as he forces him up on to the stage?

After a couple of weeks of very sensible acts and plenty of yeses being thrown around, we’re now back to watching the likes of Hoop Guy – not that we’re complaining.

Real name John Parnell, ‘Hoop Guy’ has his own hooping business (it’s a thing, OK?) and you can even hire him to hoop at your wedding.

He also wrote his own song to accompany his act, inventively titled Hoop Guy. Honestly, once you hear it you’ll be singing it to yourself for days afterwards. Be warned before you watch the clip above…

Also watch out for Harry Gardner’s grandmother Maureen McGuinness died last week before she was able to watch him perform on the ITV show

Harry Gardner will perform a song he wrote for his grandmother on tonight’s episode – two weeks before he will perform the same song at her funeral.

The 16-year-old songwriter sings about his memories of his grandmother Maureen McGuinness who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease – a performance so moving it made the BGT judges cry.

But Harry, from Chelmsford, Essex, said his BGT performance was nothing compared to the emotion he faces when singing at his grandmother’s funeral in two weeks time.

Tragically the 77-year-old died last week before she was able to watch her grandson perform on the ITV talent show.

Harry said: “To be honest that’s going to be the most difficult performance for me, because that’s when the song is going to mean so much.

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday 6 May at 8pm on ITV.

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