J.K. Rowling says people pronounce Voldemort’s name incorrectly

J.K. Rowling has informed fans that they have been pronouncing the name of Lord Voldemort, the chief villain from the ‘Harry Potter’ novels, wrong.

The author of the books about wizard Harry Potter’s adventures has previously revealed that Voldemort – played by Ralph Fiennes in the movie adaptations – should be pronounced with a ”silent t” and she reiterated her stance on Twitter.

J.K. Rowling

When Twitter user  wrote: ”One piece of Harry Potter trivia I always forget to mention: the ”t” is silent in Voldemort, according to @jk_rowling (sic)”

Rowling retweeted the message and added, ”but I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who pronounces it that way”.

However, fans are not the only people to get it wrong and the characters in the movies also pronounce the evil wizard’s name – which translates to ‘flight of death’ in French – with a t.

The Twitter account The Dark Lord (@Lord_Voldemort7) also got involved, sending a tweet to J.K. which read, ”Muggles never listen,” and posting a link to an older tweet from 2010.

That tweet read: ”Yo my names Voldemort & the t is silent, but don’t say my name or imma get violent. #FreestyleFriday (sic).”

In her books, Rowling’s characters refer to non-magical people as Muggles and call the evil wizard Voldemort ”He who must not be named”.

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