Julia Roberts Lets Her Husband Choose Her Clothes

Julia Roberts is “obsessed” with her husband Daniel Moder and lets him choose her clothes.

The 47-year-old actress has been married to Daniel Moder – with whom she has twins Phinneaus and Hazel, 11, and son Henry, eight – for 13 years but they are just as much in love as ever.

Julia Roberts

Asked by People magazine at the Hammer Museum’s 13th Annual Gala in the Garden if there is anything she is obsessed with at the moment, Julia pointed at her spouse and said: “He’s right there.”

The ‘Pretty Woman’ actress donned a dress and blazer for the event, which honoured Diane Keaton, and revealed she had let her husband select her outfit for the evening.

She said: “It’s Bottega Veneta, and my husband picked it.”

Meanwhile, the cameraman admitted he had been debating between the outfit his wife walked the red carpet in and another ensemble, but decided the dress “was better”.

He added: “I think, absolutely, hit it right on the nose. Nice colour, nice shape. She wears it well.”

And when it came to the honouree, Julia said her favourite style moment of the ‘Annie Hall’ star was her signature menswear look and hailed the veteran actress an inspiration.

She said: “Well, I mean, her fashion is such an inspiration to me.

“I love menswear, and nobody has ever done it better than she has.”

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