Kristen Stewart talks about her new movie Cafe Society

Actress Kristen Stewart loved working with Steve Carell in her new movie Cafe Society, labelling the actor “one of the funniest people I’ve ever and will ever be around”.

Kristen Stewart “loves” her Cafe Society co-star Jesse Eisenberg but insists they have no sexual chemistry off-screen.

Kristen Stewart

The 26-year-old star gets intimate with Jesse in Woody Allen’s new romantic comedy, and while the pair’s friendship could have made shooting love scenes awkward, Kristen insists it actually made it easier.

“It actually isn’t weird with him. It never gets weird. And we are truly friends. Like, there’s nothing weird between us,” she gushed.

When asked Kristen on TV show Lorraine if she had ever had any sexual chemistry with Jesse, she insisted: “I promise you, none! I’m really comfortable with Jesse and I truly love him. I don’t get embarrassed around him. So I was totally able to be that really girly, flirty (sic) young lady.”

Kristen’s character Vonnie also embarks on a relationship with Jesse’s character Bobby’s uncle Phil, played by Steve Carell. But defending her alter-ego’s decisions, Kristen added the tale is a reflection of a much bigger story.

“It’s definitely not a conventional path that my character has chosen,” she explained. “But the movie is really a reflection on the different loves you can have in life and how your perspective changes as you grow a little bit older. It’s really a movie about getting to the end of a certain period and looking back and wondering what could have been.”


Cafe Society has an all-star cast, including Blake Lively, but it was working with Steve that Kristen enjoyed the most. Recalling one incident where the actor’s comedic side really came into force, the actress admits she has never met anyone funnier.

“Steve is one of the funniest people I’ve ever, and any one of us, will ever be around. So it’s again – totally contagious. There’s this one scene where we’re all supposed to be laughing and carrying on and having this fabulous time at this table before Jesse approaches and says hi,” she explained. “It’s been a long time since he’s seen us and we’re supposed to be laughing at the top of the take – we have nothing to laugh at. He literally just looked at all of us and went…” she gives a huge fake laugh, and adds, “And we were all hysterically laughing at his fake laugh… He can make you laugh in a second.”

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