Megan Trainor wants pop star boyfriend

Meghan Trainor wants to date a pop star but is too buy for love.

Megan Trainor
Megan Trainor has confessed she’d like to date another pop star – MARKMEETS MEDIA

20-year-old ‘All About That Bass’ hitmaker claims she’s been struggling to find a boyfriend since becoming famous because men are ”intimidated” by her blossoming career.

She said: ”Guys are scared of me, it’s ridiculous.

”I guess it’s because I’m a pop star now and they are intimidated. I’m finding it so hard to date.

”Then even if I find a guy I’m like, ‘OK bye, see you in six months as I’m off on tour’. I am so down to date another pop star. We could be as adorable as Ariana Grande and Big Sean.”

However, despite believing her only shot at love is if she finds someone with a similar job, the 20-year-old beauty thinks all the good celebrity men are taken.

She said: ”All of the guy pop stars are either my friends or are already dating. It’s not like a rock star lifestyle any more – everyone has a lover. I want someone funny and nice. I don’t care about age or looks.”

On her hit record the star added “I think because the song was so successful so fast, none of us could handle the schedule. Everyone was asking us to do everything and we hated to say no to anything, so we said yes, and eventually I just crashed. I actually am lying in bed. I just landed in Canada, and I’m in bed doing all these interviews in my sweatshirt and sweatpants”.

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