Meghan Trainor On Harry Styles duet

Meghan Trainor’s two part harmony with Harry Styles is about heartbreak.

Meghan Trainor 2015
The pair got together a year ago to compose the tune together, and the ‘About That Bass’ hitmaker has now uncovered it is enlivened by lonely love emulating a separation

She clarified: ”It’s a charming ukekele melody with two vocalists, a male and a female, we don’t know who yet.

”It’s about how, you know when you date somebody, and after that you separation, and afterward you see them out on the town with another person however they’re so upbeat, so you’re similar to, ‘I’m glad for you. Perhaps later on in case we’re back together, that’d be cool. Good fortunes. I haven’t seen that grin in quite a while, that is incredible. Perhaps sometime when we’re old and ash, we could be enamored afresh.’ Oops, there’s a line!”

Despite the fact that she composed the affection tune with the One Direction hunk, the 21-year-old graph topper close down gossipy tidbits the pair are dating, expressing they have just ever spent a few hours together.

Talking on Capital FM radio station – where she advertised the Capital Breakfast Show will show live from the 57th Annual Grammy Awards one week from now – she said: ”Do you know how long I’ve gone through with that man? Perhaps a few. Furthermore they’re all like ‘would you say you are dating?’ and I’m similar to, ‘What? No!’

”The most I got was an embrace, it was extraordinary. What an embrace it was!”

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