Modest Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t know if he will win an Oscar for The Revenant

Leo fans are praying that he will finally triumph at the Oscars after years of leaving empty-handed.

Leonardo DiCaprio is not nervous about whether he will finally win an Oscar – because he says the hard work of actually shooting the film is over.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The 41-year-old was nominated for a best actor Academy Award on Thursday for his lead role in The Revenant.

He stars as a frontiersman who survives a bear attack, is left for dead by his own hunting team, and sets off on a gruelling chase across the American West in pursuit of the man who betrayed him.

We can’t belive despite four previous nominations, Leo has never taken home the Oscar statuette.

He told Radio 1: “The one reassuring thing about all this award season stuff is that you have absolutely no control over the outcome. You’ve done the work.

“People ask you ‘Oh, are you nervous to go to your premiere?’ I’m like, I don’t know what I could be nervous about. I did everything already. As long as you’re on set, and you give it your all, that’s all you could ask for.”

But he was excited to see the film in line for an awards season sweep, with three wins at the Golden Globes on Sunday and a field-leading 12 nominations at the Oscars.

He said: “It feels great, man. It really does. When you really put your heart and soul and time into something, and a film that, I will say, is not something that we get to see coming out of Hollywood very often. This is an epic art film, it really is.

“It’s an experimental art film, but done on a massive epic scale. I think that certainly studios are used to making very safe bets, things that are going to bring in profits for their shareholders.

“So to have something not only do as good as it’s been doing in the box office, but to get having this movie recognised by our peers, it does feel amazing because I’ve never been a part of a film this experimental.”

The leading actor does not consider himself a good judge of his own performance, saying “It’s all this crazy blur, because you’re so attached to the process of making a movie – so as far as awards are concerned, it’s something that the work is done, and I’m too attached to the movie to really understand or know what’s worthy of awards or not.”

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