Olly Murs needs to be someone’s on ‘Eastenders’.

The 30-year-old vocalist was recently was on the set of the BBC One cleanser for his one-off TV special ‘A Night In With Olly Murs’, and clowned the experience was similar to a test situated by cleanser managers to check whether he would be a decent expansion to the cast.

Olly Murs - MarkMeets Media
Olly Murs – MarkMeets Media

Olly said: ”It was like my audition. I was telling them it was my audition because one day I’d love to do it.

In more Entertainment News the star added: ”My show comes out this Friday and obviously I do a great little cameo in ‘EastEnders’ … well I hope it will be great. I felt a bit of pressure because I know a lot of artists have done soap appearances and stuff in the past but hopefully people will like it.”

In any case, now the ‘Wrapped Up’ hitmaker has had a taste of life on Albert Square, he is quick to return for a somewhat more period and has conjectured about the plot which could see him touch base in Walford.

Olly – whose fourth album ‘Never Been Better’ was released a month ago – clowned: ”I’d like to be … one of the girls on set has been away on a girls holiday and she’s fallen in love with someone, like a romantic holiday. I’ve come back to Albert Square and I’m a bit of a Jack the lad and everyone hates me and kick me out of Walford in like two weeks. That’s a good little plot!”


Then again, regardless of his desires to peculiarity in the demonstrate, the previous ‘Xtra Factor’ host conceded he is concentrating on his music and displaying, and isn’t looking to set out on an acting vocation in the quick future.

He clarified: ‘For me music is what I want to do the most. But I think what was great about the show was that I was able to do the presenting side of things that I love to do, as well as the singing, so I was able to do the two things that I love to do in my job. Obviously acting and stuff I’d love to do but I’m not really an actor, I don’t think. But music and presenting for sure.”

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