Pharrell Williams thinks Taylor Swift is ‘awesome’

Pharrell Williams says he DID enjoy Taylor Swift moves at the Grammy Awards…even though it never looked like he did!

Pharrell Williams

The ‘Happy’ hitmaker was caught on camera looking unimpressed by the 24-year-old singer’s dance movies, yet guarantees he was simply ”absorbing it all.”

The 41-year-old star said: ”She’s great. Taylor knows the words to each tune. It’s stunning.”

Inquired as to whether he was enticed to get up and join the ‘Clear Space’ hitmaker,: ”That’s her thing, that is her thing. I’m simply sort of absorbing it all. It’s generally another experience for me. She was slightly conceived in it [showbusiness]… she was damn close brought up in it, so for her its sort of like her get-away. She has an awesome time.”

At the point when his ‘The Voice’ USA co-star Blake Shelton recommended the captivating occasion was similar to the “”prom”” for Taylor, Pharrell included: ”It truly is. It’s an extraordinary time for her, and I cherish that she has that minute.”

The blonde excellence beforehand conceded she is a colossal devotee of the “Young lady” hitmaker and called him ”a magician of joy.”

She also joked that anyone who talks to him usually ends up feeling ”decent for around two weeks in a row.”

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