Rihanna is ‘really falling for Lewis Hamilton’

Rihanna is being charmed by Lewis Hamilton as he’s so great with her family, it’s been revealed.

Rihanna is purportedly playing it cool with Lewis Hamilton, however is beginning to like him a great deal.


The 27-year-old artist is supposed to be drawing near to the Formula One expert, with the pair having attended the yearly festival in her hometown of Barbados together as of late.

Despite the fact that things aren’t thought to be not kidding right now, clearly the queen of music Rihanna likes Lewis more than she suspected she would.

“Ri and Lewis have known one another calmly for quite a long time, yet they’ve never both been single in the meantime,” an insider told Heat. “She’s playing it cool, however I thoroughly consider he’s triumphant her. Lewis is as a rule better than average with her sibling Rajad and that is the sort of thing Rihanna truly loves.”

One of Rihanna‘s companions scrutinized the maturing sentiment to the production however, demanding it won’t last, as the pair don’t have a considerable measure in like manner.

It appears to be not everybody concurs with that statement. Sharon Bellamy Thompson cared for Rihanna when she was small, keeping an eye on her and taking her to and from school. She sees herself as something of a second mother to the star, and demands Lewis is an incredible decision for the star.

“They would have lovely infants. The length of this man makes her cheerful, he’s got my regard. You’ve got the opportunity to love his British appeal,” she said.

“At the point when the time’s privilege Robyn will make an extraordinary mum – she cherishes kids.”

That said, Sharon still harbors trust that Rihanna will revive her association with one of her exes – Chris Brown. That will come as something of a shock, as their sentiment separated in 2010 after Chris struck Rihanna, with the pair taking part in an on/off relationship for a couple of years a short time later yet never figuring out how to get things back on track.

“Chris was the first sweetheart she brought home and I’ll generally have a weakness for him. No one can supplant first love,” she said.

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