Robin Williams’ Improvisation: Behind the Scenes of Mrs. Doubtfire

The Unprecedented Creativity of Robin Williams

In the realm of cinematic brilliance, few actors have left an indelible mark quite like the late Robin Williams. The iconic comedian, known for his infectious energy and unparalleled improvisational skills, brought a unique flavor to his roles. One standout example of his creative prowess was evident during the making of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’

Director Chris Columbus recently shared insights into the filmmaking process, revealing that Williams improvised to the extent that “almost two million feet” of footage was captured. This revelation provides a fascinating glimpse into the unscripted genius of Robin Williams.

Williams’ Approach: More Than Just Scripted Takes

Williams’ approach to his craft was far from conventional. Instead of adhering strictly to scripted lines, he suggested working on “three or four scripted takes” before injecting his own brand of spontaneity and humor into the scenes. Columbus admitted that keeping up with Williams became such a challenge that the entire movie had to be shot with four cameras to capture the unpredictability of his performances.

Columbus reminisced, stating, “None of us knew what he was going to say when he got going, and so I wanted a camera on the other actors to get their reactions.” The studio, enamored by Williams’ improvisational genius, witnessed the creation of an astounding “almost 2 million feet of film” during the production of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’

The Vast Archive: 900 Boxes of Unseen Footage

Even three decades after the film’s release, the legacy of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ lives on through the lens of an extensive and virtually untouched archive. Columbus has meticulously preserved over 900 boxes containing a treasure trove of outtakes, behind-the-scenes clips, and raw footage. This impressive collection sparks the director’s desire to transform it into a documentary that unveils the magic behind Robin Williams’ creative process.

Columbus expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “There are roughly 972 boxes of footage from ‘Doubtfire’ — footage we used in the movie, outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage — in a warehouse somewhere, and we would like to hire an editor to go in and look at all of that footage.” The objective is clear: to showcase the unique and magical approach Williams took in shaping his characters and scenes.

Capturing Robin’s Process: A Glimpse into Genius

The prospect of delving into Williams’ process excites Columbus, who believes there is something extraordinary about the late actor’s method of working. The vast archive of 2 million feet of film provides an opportunity to explore the intricacies of Williams’ improvisational brilliance, offering fans and cinephiles alike an intimate look at the actor’s unparalleled creativity.

“I mean, there’s 2 million feet of film in that warehouse so there could be something we can do with all of that,” Columbus expressed, hinting at the untapped potential within the vast collection of footage.

The Challenges Faced by the Crew

While Williams’ improvisational skills added a layer of brilliance to the film, they also presented unique challenges for the crew, particularly the script supervisor. During an era when everything was handwritten, keeping pace with Williams’ constantly changing takes was no easy feat.

Columbus recounted the challenges, saying, “So Robin would go to a place where he couldn’t remember much of what he said. We would go to the script supervisor and ask her, and sometimes she didn’t even get it all.” The unpredictable nature of Williams’ performances meant that the crew had to adapt on the fly, capturing the essence of each scene amidst the spontaneity.

The Enduring Legacy of Mrs. Doubtfire

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ remains a timeless classic, not only for its heartwarming storyline but also for the unparalleled talent that Robin Williams brought to the screen. The revelation of the extensive archive of unseen footage adds a new dimension to the film’s legacy, promising audiences a deeper understanding of the creative process that went into its making.

As Chris Columbus contemplates the possibility of a documentary, fans eagerly await the chance to immerse themselves in the world of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ once again. The 900 boxes of footage stand as a testament to the enduring impact of Robin Williams and the extraordinary lengths to which he pushed the boundaries of cinematic artistry.

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