Ronan Keating talks about Boyzone’s 25th anniversary

Ronan Keating has spoken about his new wife and plans for an Irish supergroup.

Irish singer Ronan Keating reveals how he popped the question to her with his three children: “You very much involve them. It’s a big deal because Storm isn’t just marrying me, she’s marrying the four of us as such so it was very special because the four of us asked Storm to marry us which was amazing it was a really beautiful moment and very emotional… It was very special. It meant a lot to all of us.”

Ronan Keating

Ronan also spoke about writing his new album with Once co-star, Dan Healy and how he involved Storm: “It was a very organic album, we made it in the kitchen… We just started writing songs and we ended up in the kitchen writing and Storm was there and she was working and she was kind of doing backing vocals the odd time and I thought ‘You should sing on this’ and she did and it was amazing. She’s got a hell of a voice. It was interesting, we created a studio in the kitchen.”

On whether he will have more children, the newlywed said: “Yes maybe yes, I’d love to, we’ll see how it goes. We’d love to, we’d love to, it’d be smashing.”

On his role in the musical Once, Ronan said people were finally congratulating him on his singing: “I never thought I’d do a musical but it was a very special show. I did 145 shows, eight shows a week, playing guitar, singing and acting every night and it just changed my whole view on what I did and how I did it. The amount of people who said to me after most nights, ‘Man you can sing’ and I thought, ‘What the hell have you been listening to for the last 20 years?’ So it really made me think about what I was doing and how I was doing it in the past.”

Looking ahead to Boyzone’s 25th anniversary, Ronan said he will be marking it with the band: “I think we’ll do something definitely, it would be rude not to. Whether it’s a record or some shows, there’s talk of collaboration with some other bands.”

Alluding to Boyzone teaming up with other Irish boyband, Westlife, Jonathan asked, “So Boyslife might happen?”

“Westzone. I don’t know what it’s going to be, who knows?” Ronan said before agreeing he was “open to it, yes.”

“We get on well, it would be very special for us to be able to mark that. 25 years is a long time, it’s amazing and we’ve left a lot of great memories with a lot of people and to do that again would be [amazing]” Ronan said.

Ronan talked about auditioning for the film, Moulin Rouge, in 2001, admitting it was a shambles: “Baz Luhrmann brought me in, it was very awkward, I was very young and I had no idea how to act. Sometimes when you do this and you’re a performer, you presume you can do everything… I went to New York and I sang first and then he asked me to read a certain part and it was the scene if you’ve seen the movie where Nicole Kidman is coming on to Ewan McGregor so she’s climbing up his leg and trying to take his trousers off and Baz’s wife was playing Nicole Kidman’s part [in the audition]… and it was dreadful and it was shocking and I was terrible and obviously I didn’t get the part.

It was funny because I was out having a drink with Leonardo Di Caprio a few years ago as you do, because he’d also read for the movie believe it or not, he didn’t get it and I said, ‘Man I was so bad, I read for that part and it was embarrassing’ and he said, ‘Ronan don’t worry about it, I sang and I was terrible, it happens to all of us.’”


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