Short film: Across the Pond

Based on a true story, Across the Pond is a romantic comedy about growth, discovery, and taking control of your own life.

The short film (16mins) was co-written, exec produced and starred in by MarkMeets TV presenter Renee Bourke alongside LA based actor Paris Dylan.

Across the Pond short film movie poster
” A triumph” – MarkMeets Entertainment

When a focused, hard working Londoner, Emily (Renée Bourke), travels to LA to seal some business deals, this cut and dry business trip takes a detour when she meets an easy going musician, Nick (Paris Dylan), who is in need of a push in the right direction.

On the contrary, Nick opens Emily’s mind to a world outside of her controlled work environment. Their bond is strong, but put to the test when Emily’s trip home is expedited. Can it overcome the distance across the pond?

“Across the pond is one great story that would make a great feature film” proclaims movie critic Mark Boardman.

Watch the official trailer below



Completed on 21st September 2015, the film has already accepted into the first international film festival in the USA, and are due to undergo the festival round over the next year in the US, EU, and Australia!

Production Company: LA based Pulp Digital Productions
In association with NW based Capestany Films
Digital Intermediate: EFilm (Minions, Fast and Furious, The Hunger Games)

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