Taylor Swift admits to suffering from insecurities

Taylor Swift struggles with self-awareness and insecurity.

Taylor Swift admits to suffering from insecurities
Taylor Swift admits to suffering from insecurities

The ‘Shake It Off’ hitmaker has confessed that while she accepts her success and admits it has made her much more confident than she was as a schoolgirl, she still feels inadequate at times.

She said: ”My confidence has always been really, really quiet, and really, really deep down. Because, as much as I have acquired confidence, I struggle with a self-awareness and insecurity that are just as loud.”

The 24-year-old beauty admits to being bullied by other girls at school that were uncomfortable with her passion for music and determination to succeed.

She explained to The Times: ”Every important part of my life was taken up my music. And it filled in the gaps when I didn’t have acceptance at school, when I didn’t have friends, because they just couldn’t relate to how much I loved music.

”I think they thought, ‘How annoying that she could think she could actually do that’. Even though I was never boastful about it.”

Her  hit single ‘Shake It Off’ has allowed her to achieve one of her life-long dreams.

”Ed texted me last night and went, ‘I’m in a club, it’s 3am, they’ve played ‘Shake It Off’ three times in the three hours I’ve been here’. And I had this feeling of complete triumph, of victory.

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