Tom Fletcher promising new music for 2016

McFly star Tom Fletcher has revealed he is working on new music for next year which is ”not band-related”.

The 30-year-old McFly guitarist has had most of 2015 off since super-group McBusted – a combination of his group and Busted – wrapped their tour in April.

Tom Fletcher

But Tom has been busy writing more books and a raft of songs that are not connected to either group.

”I am doing a lot of book writing stuff at the moment. I’ve got some really exciting things planned for next year that I can’t talk about yet. And some music stuff that is not band-related. Lots of different projects really. I try and fill my time with lots of stuff.”

Tom – who is expecting a second child with Giovanna Falcone, with whom he already has 20-month-old son Buzz – has been busy with bandmate Dougie Poynter creating new stories for their ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped’ series.

The musician – who was speaking earlier this week revealed: ”Me and Dougie have loads of plans for new books in the series it’s just finding time. We’ve got too many ideas and not enough time to do them all. But there are definitely going to be some new ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped’ stuff next year.”

The singer/songwriter said recently “McBusted was so unplanned, we never expected it to go on for as long as it did.

“We just thought there would be that first tour and that would only be about eleven shows, and it ended up being around 35. Before you knew it we were making an album, and it naturally flowed into a second tour.

“It was all completely unplanned and spontaneous and it has always been that way with McBusted, we don’t really know what is coming up but it’s something that is always going to be there – it definitely doesn’t feel like the end.”

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