U.S. pop sensation Emma Jaye releases her single ‘Selfish Love’

Pop artist Emma Jaye  fell in love with music on the first song she wrote at the age of 8. Not knowing anything about a musical note, she wrote a song about her Dad and sang it to him proudly. She still remembers all the lyrics today. As you can imagine, having his 8 year old daughter write and sing a song about him was incredible in his mind – and he praised and encouraged his daughter. That’s all Emma needed: before she knew it she was planning her days around Hannah Montana, Beyoncé, Toni Braxton and all the pop greats, soaking in their talent. She would even put on performances to anyone who would listen (including her babysitters!)

But developing her musical talent was a bit of a struggle initially and Emma’s shyness held her back for a while. Emma is L.A. based these days but growing up in New York wasn’t easy, Emma felt really invisible as a kid, was incredibly shy and thought that she really didn’t ‘fit in’. This all started to change when, at the age of 9, she bought her first song “Seasons Of Love” by Rent, and took up voice lessons closely followed by a successful stint in acting in a few movies and television shows. But her inner voice kept pulling her back to music. The first song she ever published was called “Invisible”- a very personal song about her childhood shyness and feelings of isolation. Emma says, “ Having felt invisible all my life it hit close to home and I wanted others who felt the same to know they weren’t invisible. I wanted other who felt like me, who felt invisible, to know they were not alone and that I saw them. “

In Emma Jaye’s eyes music has the ability to change lives and offer healing. By writing songs she seeks to help others and find answers to the problems we face today as society and as individuals. The inspiration behind her new single ‘Selfish Love’ is about protecting yourself from heartache and not allowing yourself to be pulled into something harmful.


As Emma says: “Selfish Love was inspired by me feeling afraid of jumping into a new relationship. My heart had been so hurt by the people in my past that I wasn’t sure I could take the risk by opening it up to another person. My survival mechanisms kicked in and told me that I should protect my heart because people were potentially threatening to it. So I wanted to end things before I got hurt, since love for me has always meant having my heart get wrecked.”






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