30 Celebs Who Still Look Hot Without Makeup

You might be surprised at what some celebrities look like without make up, but either way they still have that “I’m famous” look to them.

Checkout your fave celebs embracing their natural beauty with these gorgeous No Make-up and you’ll be faced with is the shocking reality that hot celebrities are, in fact, mere, pimply mortals.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

At least the ‘Criminal Minds’ actresses body will forever be a wonderland.


Ex Black eyed peas singer Fergie looks almost as shocked as we are.

Pamela Anderson

It’s not very often do we find ourselves bringing all of our attention to Pamela’s face rather than picturing her red Baywatch swimsuit from the 90’s.

Jennifer Lopez

She’s getting ready to put on the face you fell in love with.

Kirsten Dunst

She wins the award for “Scariest Paparazzi Death Stare.”

Cameron Diaz

Either she’s super cold, or she just had a good cry.

Anna Kournikova

She was just due for a beauty rest that day, guys. Relax.

Nicole Richie

Maybe the awkwardness of this photo is just because the sun was in her eyes.

Kristen Stewart

Three words: wake and bake.

Khloe Kardashian

Don’t worry Khloe, Kim is on the list, too.

Jessica Biel

Actually, Jessica still looks A-OK. You know, despite all the other things going on.

AnnaLynne McCord

This photo was taken to prove that she is a natural beauty. Yeah, we got you, girl.

Nicole Scherzinger

Considering she posted this on Twitter, she clearly has nothing to hide.

Jessica Simpson

Blonde bombshell shmombshell.

Olivia Wilde

Finally, a celebrity who looks like she is enjoying her day off from the glam.

Kate Hudson

The mommy-to-be (at the time) gets a pass.

Katherine Heigl

Meh, just another soccer mom.


Thanks for being a good sport about it, Adele.

Alicia Silverstone

We’re sure Silverstone isn’t clueless about the paparazzi snappin’ photos.

Jennifer Garner

Looks like Jenny is back on the set of Dude Where’s My Car?

Penelope Cruz

So Penelope Cruz isn’t an immortal goddess? Damn.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga looks a lot better when she isn’t covered under piles of meat. Pause.

Goldie Hawn

What did you expect? She’s 67!

Britney Spears

This isn’t bad, compared to the Britney picture that still haunts our dreams.


Madonna has sold over 300 million records, takes care of four children, and is recently divorced—what would you want her to look like?

Kate Moss

My preciouuuussss!

Katy Perry

When all the candy is licked away, this is what is left.

Sofia Vergara

The most shocking part about this photo is that Sofia Vergara actually looks even hotter without all the cake.

Tyra Banks

At least one thing holds true: makeup or no makeup, Tyra is still bringing the fierce.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is only human, you guys.

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