Drew Barrymore admits I’m fashion roadkill

Drew Barrymore thinks the upset over women getting asked specific questions on the red carpet is absurd.

Drew Barrymore has classified herself as “fashion roadkill” when it comes to red carpet glamour.

Drew Barrymore
The 40-year-old ‘Miss You Already’ movie stars style has been in the spotlight ever since she was a child, as the star came to fame in 1982 after starring in Steven Spielberg’s film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Drew is seasoned when it comes to interviews and she thinks the controversy over women getting asked questions on the red carpet about what they’re wearing is absurd.

“It is what it is,” she told UK newspaper The Mirror. “Why does anybody bother getting mad? It’s just silly – it’s a red carpet, it’s a parade, it’s about fashion. And the reason men don’t get asked what they’re wearing is because, unless you’re Johnny Depp, it’s all very similar: suits or bow ties.

“I mean, I am fashion roadkill sometimes but if you’re like, ‘Urrrgh, I don’t wanna be treated like this or asked who I’m wearing’, then don’t go on the red carpet. It’s easy! Sorry, I’m getting really mad now, but it’s true.”

Drew has gone through a number of looks over the years, even adopting a punk rock edge with extreme hair colour and tattoos in the past.

In recent years, after giving birth to two children, Drew chose to remove her inkings.

And her tots have a huge hand in what she decides to wear on a daily basis.

“My real life is extremely down to earth,” she emphasised.

“I’m with my kids in my dirty sweatpants which are stained from something they’ve spilled – it’s

ridiculous. I’m really grateful for everything and I don’t assume anything.

“I know not to let anything go into the ego because that is the most dangerous place there is… much more dangerous than a red carpet!”

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